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Biden vows to protect Taiwan, while China acts with caution

Biden vows to protect Taiwan, while China acts with caution

Baltimore (CNN) – President Joe Biden said Thursday that the United States is committed to defending Taiwan in the face of a possible Chinese offensive, which is contrary to the US policy of “strategic ambiguity”.

Biden’s words sparked praise from Taiwan’s foreign ministry, but China also warned the United States not to send “any false signal to the separatist forces of Taiwanese independence.”

During a CNN forum, when asked twice if the United States would defend Taiwan if China attacked, Biden said it would.

“Yes, we are committed to doing so,” he said.

Biden has issued similar statements in the past, saying only the White House has not shifted its long-term policy towards the island. The United States supplies Taiwan with defensive weapons, but it was deliberately unclear whether it would intervene militarily in the event of a Chinese attack.

Under the “one China” policy, the United States recognizes China’s claim to sovereignty over Taiwan. In the last few weeks, Beijing sent dozens of fighter jets Near Taiwan’s Air Defense Identity Zone (ADIZ), Chinese President Xi Jinping said a “reunification” between China and Taiwan was inevitable.

China is escalating tensions with Taiwan over warplanes 2:38

A White House official sought to clarify Biden’s views on Taiwan after the forum. “China has not announced any change in our policy, no change in our policy,” he said.

China’s warning

Following Biden’s words, the Chinese Foreign Ministry on Friday warned the United States not to “send any false signal to separatist forces for Taiwan’s independence.”

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“The United States urges the United States to adhere strictly to the rules of a China policy and the three Sino-US joint statements, to be cautious in its words and actions on the Taiwan issue, and not to send the wrong signal to separatists.” , Foreign Ministry spokesman Wang Wenpin said at a regular conference in Beijing this Friday.

The United States provides Taiwan with defensive weapons, but it is deliberately unclear whether it will intervene militarily in the event of a Chinese attack.

“Taiwan is an inseparable part of China. The Taiwan issue is purely China’s internal affair and no foreign or foreign interference will be tolerated,” Wang told reporters.

China can use military force to control Taiwan 1:57

“China has no room for compromise on issues that affect China’s fundamental interests, such as sovereignty and regional integrity. No one should underestimate or oppose the determination of the Chinese people to defend national sovereignty and territorial integrity.” 1.4 billion Chinese.

Taiwan thanks Biden and says it will defend its democracy and independence

Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry thanked Joe Biden for its report on Friday on the United States’ commitment to protect the defense island from China’s arbitrary island.

“Taiwan’s democracy … our government will continue to strengthen our self-defense capabilities to fully protect national security and the well-being of the people,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Friday.

CNN’s Eric Cheung, Caitlin McGee and Hannah Richie contributed to the report.