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Three Reasons Why Trump's New Social Network Fails (Comment)

Three Reasons Why Trump’s New Social Network Fails (Comment)

(CNN) – Donald Trump will finally enter the social media game.

After a series of setbacks, Trump announced Wednesday night Creating a true community, As an attempt, he stressed, “to confront the tyranny of great technology.” These posts are called Facts and Trump said “I’m glad to share my thoughts soon on Truth Social and the fight against big technology.”

This is almost a bad idea and it will definitely fail. And there are many reasons for this!

1. Twitter is. Did you know that there is no need to rediscover the wheel? Twitter already exists, and it has more than 200 million users. While Twitter isn’t perfect, there doesn’t seem to be a significant outcry from the general public for another micro-blogging website. Also, consider the following: Trump sent his first tweet on May 4, 2009. he said). That means he had 6 years to build his presence on the social media platform before he started using it actively to contest the 2015/2016 presidential election. This is a well known product with a huge following. He is not a freshman. With the true community, you will.

2. Conservative social space is crowded (and not ideal): Remember the new Twitter parlor for conservatives? Well, after very few downloads (and Twitter’s decision to block Trump) after the January 6 riots in the U.S. Capitol, the app essentially disappeared appropriately. According to Censor Tower data, parlor downloads topped 517,000 in December [de 2020] Up to 11,000 in June [de 2021]”The Verge reported in July. Then the Twitter clone was launched by Trump partner Jason Miller. The Trump social network is already a disaster,” he said. TechCrunch reported.

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Whether or not Truth has something to do with or without a social parlor: Donald Trump, the universe of conservative social networks is still large enough to support one of these products.

3. Donald Trump is no longer president. Make no mistake: Trump is the most important and powerful actor in Republican politics. But, his ability to do direct coverage was significantly reduced as he was banned from Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. As pointed out Philip Pump, Del Diario Washington Post, en abril:

“Interest in Google searches [sobre Trump] Like the time I was on the cable, it was less than any time since June 2015. Networks covered him very little, and last year the epidemic overtaken Trump in national attention. On top of that, the average Trump mentioned in March returned to the level seen in November 2015.

His attempt to launch a post-presidential blog with lofty ambitions ended with a shout out in June. What did you say The New York Times Junio:

“Mr. Trump was frustrated after hearing that the site was getting some traffic from friends and according to one person who knew his thinking well, it seemed small and irrelevant.”

“The site, created for Mr. Trump by a company that costs a few thousand dollars and is run by his former campaign manager Brad Parscale, should be an online hub for his supporters to view the former president’s statements. Contact him.”

To be clear: No matter what Trump does, some will take it. But that group is not enough to start a successful social network. Now near here.

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