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Miguelido Mora was discharged 37 days after being hospitalized for covit-19

Miguelido Mora was discharged 37 days after being hospitalized for covit-19

Miguelido Mora Chavez, the son of political prisoner Miguel Mora and journalist Veronica Chavez, was discharged from hospital on Friday, October 22, after spending 37 days in the hospital’s ICU for presenting issues related to Govt-19.

“God, the owner of life, did a miracle not only with me but now with Miguelido Mora. Veronica Chavez told the channel 100% notice that she (God) had all the honor and glory of doing this real miracle in Miguelido’s life after spending more than a month in this hospital with this disease plaguing the world.

Miguelido – as his relatives affectionately say – was hospitalized in a mild condition at Vivian Bellas Hospital with his mother last September 15, however, he was discharged on September 22 after showing an evolution in health.

“Today is Victory Day, we are coming out successfully. Thank you to all in Nicaragua and abroad for your prayers, your love, our solidarity with us and the Mora Chavez family.”

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Written unresolved

After Veronica and her son were admitted to the hospital, Miguel Mora’s lawyer filed a letter to judicial authorities asking them to change the precautionary measures for house arrest, 100% notice media outlets reported. Not resolved.

The political prisoner and journalist have been detained in the chambers of the Assistant Directorate of Justice since last June 20 after publicizing his aspirations for the presidency of Nicaragua.

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