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US Announces More Actions on Cuba

New measures against Cuba will be announced soon, US State Department Assistant Secretary for Western Hemisphere Affairs Brian A. Nichols said.

A year earlier, the US government had taken a series of steps to “increase support for the Cuban people” in line with its “national security interests”.

On that occasion, it was announced that the re-establishment of the Cuban Family Reunification Program (CFRP), expanded visits to the island, greater support for Cuban entrepreneurs and remittance flexibility would arrive “more freely for the Cuban people”. .

At this time, there are Airplanes Western Union resumed shipping from the United States to the Cuban provinces Money To and from Cuba self-employed people can Imported cars from that country.

In this regard, diplomat Brian A. Nichols assumed the United States had “come to terms” with Cuba and announced that new measures would be announced soon.

New U.S. measures toward Cuba to be announced

“We have fulfilled our commitment to reunite Cuban-American families, expand travel and resume remittances. “We have also increased support for independent Cuban institutions and will announce further steps soon,” he wrote Twitter.

“We ask CFRP to give all pending F3 cases since 2017 the same treatment as humanitarian parole, with approved interviews and the date of collection of their visas and other cases,” said one user on the social network.

“Remove Cuba from the list of state sponsors of terrorism. Open trip types to add individual passengers. Remove 243 additional measures imposed on the Cuban people by the Trump administration. You can start there,” another person said.

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Other Cubans, however, questioned this new opening toward the island, favoring private labor in a “communist” country.