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UNLPam Health Sciences: 'Uncountable Value'

UNLPam Health Sciences: ‘Uncountable Value’

University President Oscar Alba The emerging intercultural department welcomed, highlighted the Consensus has been reached He said I know Talks with the nation to secure funding.

With the establishment of the Department of Health Sciences Interfaces, the National University of La Pampa is taking an “important step in responding to the demand of the provinces and territories to enhance professional training” in health, expanding and decentralizing regionally. Scope of the institution’s educational proposals.

This is explained by UNLPam itself. The UNLPam Supreme Council, unanimously, in its Ninth Ordinary Session by Resolution No. 170/2021, approved the project submitted by the University administration at the beginning of this year.

In a session, University President Oscar Alba celebrated the proposal, emphasizing the importance of interdisciplinary work and the commitment of the Faculties of Exact, Natural and Veterinary Sciences, and the subsequent “strengthening of all representations that constitute the highest body of the University, those who contributed to the debate and consensus building that allowed the incorporation of ideas for action and the creation of a new department”, which will include, initially, a bachelor’s degree in undergraduate nursing.

The department government will be exercised by the department council made up of representatives of the department, from each of the colleges, the student body, and as the first task it will be responsible for raising proposals for academic regulations and general regulations to the Supreme Council.

This new field of training, which is of “immeasurable value” in the context of the pandemic, also arises from the efforts that the Directorate began in 2020 before the Secretary for University Policies (SPU) and the Provincial Government, in order to obtain funding that allows the continuation of the nursing profession and the start of new cohorts .

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In response to these efforts, SPU reported that it assessed the celebration of a new contract for the funding program as “feasible and appropriate”, with commitments to both parties, and subject to a series of requirements in order to be able to accredit the degree in the future, which is essentially the creation of a specific management unit that lays the foundations for a college Futuristic Health Sciences at the National University of La Pampa, which was born with the establishment of the said department.