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UNLP was once again in the news for its prestigious international rankings

UNLP continues to excel in international rankings dedicated to assessing the quality of higher education institutions. at this opportunity, The Graduate House of La Plata was awarded the title of the second university in ArgentinaAccording to the latest edition of the classification by topic released by the consulting firm Quacquarelli Symonds (QS).

so called QS World University Rankings by Subject 1543 ranks the best university in the world in 51 majors, organized into five thematic areas: Arts and Humanities, Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences and Medicine, Natural Sciences and Social Sciences and Management.

According to the advisor, The aim of the ranking is to help prospective students identify the best universities in the world in their field of choicein response to the huge demand for racing comparisons.

This year, UNLP was able to excel in 14 disciplines (four more than 2021) and three thematic areas, thus becoming the second best university in Argentina, after only UBA. In addition, it ranked in five new disciplines and improved its performance in six others, compared to the previous year’s benchmark.

In the 2022 edition, UNLP was distinguished for its performance in the following general thematic topics and areas:

  • Arts and Humanities (351): History (151-200), Modern Languages ​​(201-250).

  • Engineering and technology: Computer Science and Information Systems (501-550), Chemical Engineering (201-250), Mechanical Engineering, Aviation and Manufacturing (451-500).

  • Life sciences and medicine: Agriculture and Forestry (201-250), Medicine (401-450).

  • Natural Sciences (322): Chemistry (301-350), Environmental Science (351-400), Materials Science (351-400), Physics and Astronomy (151-200).

  • Social Sciences and Management (401-450): Anthropology (101-140), Economics and Econometrics (501-520), Sociology (251-300).

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According to this ranking, the UNLP’s strongest field is the field of natural sciences, the area with an overall score of 65.6, followed by the fields of Arts and Humanities (62.2) and Social Sciences and Management (61). two).

With this data, UNLP is once again emerging as the second university in the country in most disciplines, ranking above University of Cordoba, Rosario, Mar del Plata and National Technological University. It also leads the local ranking in materials science related jobs.

It should be noted that each classification by topic is made from four sources. The first two are a questionnaire sent by QS to academics and employers around the world, which is used to assess the international reputation of institutions in each subject. The other two sources make it possible to assess the impact of each institution’s research, based on research citations for each article and an h-index on the corresponding topic.

In addition, in the 2022 edition, a fifth indicator was included that affects the five general thematic areas. The so-called “International Research Network(IRN) It is an indicator intended to reflect ongoing international cooperation over time in research at a particular institution.

For more information on the methodology of this arrangement, it is recommended to go to https://www.topuniversities.com/subject-rankings/methodology.