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UNLaR: Nearly 500 new entrants in health sciences

UNLaR: Nearly 500 new entrants in health sciences

UNLaR: Nearly 500 new entrants in health sciences

UNLaR Dean, Daniel Quiroga, chaired the welcome ceremony for those enrolling in the Health Sciences Department courses, together with Dean Natasha Minoy Belber and the management team, which was held days later in the Oscar Quiroga Galindez Academic Room.

The academic offers of the Department of Health Sciences are six: Dentistry, Medicine, Bachelor's Degree in Occupational Therapy, University Nursing, Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. At this time, according to the study plan, applicants for the Bachelor's Degree in Biogene Production, and those enrolled are 351 people.

“It gives us great pleasure to receive the new enrollees in this House of Postgraduate Studies, as well as their families who accompanied them on this important day. In the room we mentioned, we symbolically receive them and bid them farewell because in the same place, God willing, in a few years they will receive their title.” “, said the dean in her message to the attending community.

Dean of the Department of Health Sciences, Natasha Minoy Belber.

He also explained that “the single interdisciplinary plan has paid off, not only in terms of the accuracy of the system, but mainly in terms of raising the academic quality in terms of the level of different students.” He specified that “many of them are recent high school graduates and many of them have decided to resume studies with what this exercise in academic skill requires.”

Minoy also considered that “the balance is very positive” and added that “we want to continue on this path of change and perspective in interdisciplinary work so that those who enter health sciences department jobs from the beginning have a perspective as a specialist.” Team, because we always need each other to be able to work, to deepen our knowledge and provide a high-quality and comprehensive service that includes all the possibilities and variables that challenge us as human beings in the context of society.

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