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United States Immigration Announces Its New Plan: What Does It Mean for Residents and Aliens?

USCIS announced an ambitious work plan for fiscal years 2023-2026.

US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is the agency responsible for administering immigration and naturalization America. After many years with complications acquired by epidemics and accumulated cases, he had his Strategic plan for financial years 2023-2026An ambition statement setting out long-term immigration goals and objectives.

USCIS accomplishments in fiscal year 2022 include welcoming more than 1 million new U.S. citizens and awarding nearly $20 million in grants to 66 organizations in 35 states.

For the period 2023-2026, USCIS determined three strategic goals. The first seems external: it seeks to strengthen the legal immigration system so that it promotes integration, inclusion and citizenship. The other two objectives relate to investing in the workforce of a service with budget problems and the efficiency of its administrative functions.

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Achieving the goals of the new strategic plan involves making changes to immigration practices that will help you comply with the laws of those entering the United States. To reduce undocumented entries, USCIS aims to support legal immigration pathways, improve access to immigration benefits, and strengthen the asylum system.

The new USCIS strategic plan will eliminate unnecessary barriers to the naturalization process. (Joe Radle/Getty Images)

This will lead the agency to expand and improve its customer service. Access to information will be improved, as will electronic systems for service processes. Additionally, USCIS will promote naturalization, which will, among other things, ensure equal access by reducing barriers throughout the process and addressing the net backlog of cases and processing times.

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To measure the challenge, on an average day USCIS receives 55,000 phone calls to its toll-free hotline and more than 150,000 inquiries and online service requests. Adjudicates more than 32,500 applications for various immigration benefits, processes 3,700 sponsorship applications for relatives and prospective spouses, assists 800 people in face-to-face meetings for documentation and urgent needs. Likewise, it welcomes 3,800 new citizens at naturalization ceremonies, or one every 22 seconds in 24 hours.

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“USCIS’s work makes America’s potential a reality for immigrants around the world, the communities and economies they join and support, and the nation as a whole,” said the service’s director. Ur M. Jado.

USCIS also has plans to combat applicant fraud during 2023-2026.
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“USCIS lowers barriers to immigration benefits and services,” Jato said. He also stressed that more needs to be done to make the immigration service “one based on trust, strength, inclusiveness, integrity and accessibility”.

With information from USCIS. This article does not constitute or replace legal advice.

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