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Justice guarantees that abortion is still legal in Puerto Rico and that no one will be punished for practicing it

Justice guarantees that abortion is still legal in Puerto Rico and that no one will be punished for practicing it

Secretary of Justice, Sunday EmmanuelIt was held today that the status of the current law in Puerto Rico has not been disturbed by the determination of the United States court to withdraw the Roe v. Wade case, which recognized constitutional protection for abortion. The island implements this practice.

As we have said, Section 98 of the Penal Code of 2012 allows abortion with therapeutic indications performed by a physician who is duly authorized to practice medicine in Puerto Rico in order to protect the health or life of the mother.. In turn, the case of Pueblo v. Duarte Mendoza, Supreme Court of Puerto Rico, exempts from criminal liability any abortion prescribed by a physician for the purpose of protecting physical or mental health or the life of a pregnant woman, “the headline said in a written statement.

Reverse change of row vi. Wade, after the US Supreme Court ruled that the right to abortion did not come from the US Constitution, had no effect on repealing this regulation. The Secretary explained after reviewing the terms in detail.

The Secretary-General pointed out that it is the responsibility of the States and Territories to take appropriate action to regulate and legislate on this issue, in accordance with the opinion of Judge Samuel Alito and with the concurrence of the majority of the Federal Tribunals. . “In this responsible training, we hope that all the circumstances surrounding a woman who is forced to choose or terminate a pregnancy are examined, as well as the criteria of health professionals who are experts in this matter,” she stressed.

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“The judiciary is subject to all legal and judicial rules, both state and federal, in practice and in the future, but will always be consistent with the fair and sensible application to human beings. As a defender of the law and the rights of citizens, this is our commitment to all sectors of our society, ”he stressed.