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Biden dice que el Tribunal Supremo de EEUU ha tomado decisiones "terribles"

Biden says the U.S. Supreme Court has made “terrible” decisions

US President Joe Biden reiterated this Saturday that he had rejected the Supreme Court’s ruling yesterday. Abolished legal protection for abortion in practice since 1973 And assured that the High Court had taken “terrible” decisions.

When asked by a journalist if the US Supreme Court considers it “broken,” Biden responded: “I think the Supreme Court has made some terrible decisions.”

The president assured many Americans that he and his wife, Jill, knew how “painful and devastating” this decision would be, and recalled the right to abortion. Will depend on each stateFor that he guaranteed their supervision and promised that they would abide by their own laws.

He also pointed out that his administration would protect women, including those who travel from one state to another to perform abortions.

Supreme Court judgment Recognized with the support of six of the nine judges of the highest American judicial event And supports Mississippi state law restricting abortion after 15 weeks of gestation.

However, the conservative majority of the Supreme Court decided to go further and overturn the precedents set in the past by the court that defended that right.

This decision came as no surprise because of the draft judgment It leaked to the media last May.

With yesterday’s ruling, states deciding to do so could ban abortion altogether.

Biden made the remarks before boarding a European tour of Germany to attend the G7 summit, which he will take to Spain to attend a meeting of NATO and government leaders aimed at coordinating its alliances. With Russia and China.

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