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How many jobs will the new plant in Nuevo Leon create? – Finance

Mexico could benefit from 35,000 new direct and indirect jobs due to the construction of Tesla’s largest electric vehicle plant in Nuevo Leon, the company’s governor estimated this Wednesday. Samuel Garcia.

“It is directly and indirectly expected. 35,000 jobs A much better salary than the average we already have in Nuevo León today,” García promised on his social networks.

After 14 months of negotiations, CEO Elon Musk has confirmed that his new auto assembly plant will be located in northern Mexico. 5,000 million dollars Capable of producing one million electric vehicles, it is key to Tesla’s annual target of 20 million.

This plant, this To be established in the municipality of Santa CatarinaIt is the first Tesla production car in Latin America and the fifth in the world, following cars already in operation in Fremont and Austin (USA), Shanghai (China) and Berlin (Germany).

The governor of Nuevo León stressed that this development will leave important economic benefits for the country and the company in northern Mexico.

“This is not just an investment. This is the future and how we are going to build a new Nuevo León,” he said.

Minors in Mexico will be able to “dream of being astronauts, programmers, engineers, scientists and all the professions of the future,” García said, adding that it would allow the universities of the Northern Institute to present new research projects.

“Because with Tesla comes a great ecosystem in electromobility, aerospace and of course telecommunications,” he added.

In addition, he compared Nuevo Leon and Tesla “have many similarities” because, he assessed, “we create sustainable wealth, with good salaries, very competitive, and seek equality for all people above the national average.” Exports will triple.

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“Look at the irony, when the world is in recession, Nuevo Leon is going to break records, we’re going to get the biggest foreign investment in the history of Mexico, we’re going to have more connectivity with the world because cars represent the future, non-polluting,” he pointed out.

On the morning of Tuesday, February 28, the President Andrés Manuel López Obrador He had already expected that Tesla’s investment would be in Mexico and that it would settle in this northern part of the border with the United States, but the official announcement was not made by Musk until this Wednesday.

“Probably the most important announcement of the day is that we’re going to build a gigafactory in Mexico,” Musk announced in the middle of Tesla’s investor day this Wednesday, where he laid out his vision for the company’s future. He called it “Master Plan 3”.