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He was selling tacos on the streets of California, he had a big dream, and a stranger made it come true

Just like any other country, the US has street vendors who sell their wares on the street every day. However, not everyone had the same experience they had a few days ago A taco vendor in California He, not expecting it, received an incredible gesture from a diner that left him speechless and on the verge of tears.

Story shared by @userjuixxe, which is dedicated to helping certain California businesses. This time, his target is Teodoro, a Latino man who sells Mexican tacos on the street in San Diego.

Tiktoker arrives at Teodoro’s stand, tastes the food and then decides to give him a gift. He said it People have to pay for all the tacos they eat in the next 60 minutes. So, he went to work: “I put up a ‘free tacos’ sign and tried to get customers, until a lot of people started coming in,” said the young man, who aimed to make as much money as possible for the vendor. .

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A California taco vendor received a ‘gift’ and the story went viral

Dozens of people flocked to the venue, and finally the clock struck the appointed time and the amount collected was limited: $600.. After that, Tiktoker wanted to add a cherry to the dessert. In addition to paying for all the tacos, he gave her one A “tip” of US$1,000, which Taguro tearfully received.

With a broken voice, Teodoro admits that he is very grateful to have completed this big sale as he is still in the early stages of his venture. He also promised to work hard as he has a dream to buy food cart With that he wants to grow his small business. “I’m going to keep it (the money),” he replied.

After this case went viral, Tiktoker decided to open a GoFundMe collection so that people can donate money and help Teodoro achieve his dream. A few days later, he collected an amount of US$48,149, which he gave to the worker.

In the second video, The influencer visited the businessman at his home and broke the news that “the community has decided to support him.” “It comes with a lot of love from people,” said the TikToker, handing him a box containing thousands of dollars. Immediately the man, still stunned, thanked him again for the noble gesture: “It’s going to happen soon, I still can’t believe it,” he admitted to the camera.

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A California taco vendor received a giveaway that went viral,

For their part, users who followed the story could not contain their excitement and appreciated the young man’s efforts to help others. They made some comments to encourage him to continue these good works among other Latin merchants. They also wished Teodoro good luck in business: “One day, sir, you are going to have a restaurant”; “What hard workers”; “God bless all who made it possible,” they wrote.


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