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UCN and the municipality of Coquimbo create an alliance to promote entrepreneurship, health and science in society «UCN News al día – Universidad Católica del Norte

The Mayor of Coquimbo, Ali Manoucheri, on his visit to the University of California campus, emphasized that “the links between our community and the University are fundamental to our neighbours.”

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Planning a joint action that thinks of initiatives for the benefit of the Coquimbana community and generates opportunities for university students or recent graduates, is what constitutes a strategic alliance between Northern Catholic University and the Coquimbo municipality, which was announced on Monday after a meeting between the President of the University of California, Dr. Rodrigo Ada Varas and Coquimbo Mayor Ali Manoucheri.

Both authorities, accompanied by their technical teams, toured the Guayacán campus of the UCN and expressed their willingness to make available the academic, technical and municipal capacities, with a view to consolidating cooperative relations that would have a positive impact on citizenship; Especially in the field of health, business development and joint initiatives for the benefit of the elderly.

Dr. said. Alda Varas.

He also stated that more ambitious long-term goals including investments for the benefit of the population of the territory, in particular the Guayacan sector, were discussed.

For his part, the mayor confirmed that the link between College and the Municipal It is very important for your management.

“For us, it is very important to be able to be here and create joint work with the university. We know that from the different fields and professions that they teach, tools are obtained that we can work on in the future and thus empower different areas of the municipality,” said Manouchi. .

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Finally, he emphasized that having a professional technical insight and generating opportunities for professionals in the port community is essential.

“We know that we cannot alone and that a policy of cooperative action will be beneficial to our residents,” he said.

The mayor toured UCSD facilities, visiting the College of Medicine’s Clinical Simulation Center, and the College of Marine Sciences’ laboratories.