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UACh awards the Luis Oyarzún Prize to scientist Ricardo Rossi

The University of Austral in Chile (UACh) has awarded the Luis Oyarzon Prize to biologist and philosopher Ricardo Rossi, the scientific leader in the creation of the Cabo de Hornos Biosphere Reserve and the precursor to “Biocultural Ethics,” an event that will include a gala award ceremony at the University of Austral on January 14.

“This award is given to those who, through art, science or the humanities, have made outstanding contributions to the achievement of harmonious relations between humans and nature or who have made a significant contribution to solving the problems and requirements of being human beings, society and the environment” expressed in a speech by Rector Hans Richter.

This award consists of the awarding of the Louis Oyarzen Medal, a Recycled Wood Diploma and a token financial recognition of $5,000.

It should be noted that among the winners are Nicanor Parra, Claudia Donoso, Douglas Tompkins, Adriana Hoffman, Juan Luis Yasmin, Sara Larren, Elekora Chihuelaf and Kristin McDevitt, among others, giving special meaning to the award given on this occasion.

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Rozzi had a prominent role in science in general and in particular in the creation and maintenance of Omora Ethnobotanical Park, in Puerto Williams, Chilean Antarctic Province. He is a university professor at the University of Magallanes and the University of North Texas.

Besides his theoretical work, Rozzi has collaborated with the Chilean Ministry of Education on School Environment Programs (EEPE), and co-founded a “Senda Darwin” biological institution and station, Red Latinoamericana de Jardines Etnobotánica Hermanos and Cabo de Hornos Biosphere Reserve (2005), in order to integrate Environmental Ethics in Conservation Practices and Education in Latin America.

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The jury responsible for determining this award was made up of the university’s former president and professor emeritus, Carlos Amtman. Professor at the Faculty of Science Carlos Oyarzon; Professor, Faculty of Philosophy and Human Sciences, Vicente Serrano; and Professor at the Complutense University of Madrid Niall Baines, as well as the Rector of the University.

After evaluating this jury, the University’s Academic Council unanimously endorsed the award of this award, considering “the impact of his activism and his international projection in his tripartite capacity as a scientist, publisher and leader of important national and international projects that contribute to this. Particularly for the defense and protection of biodiversity, particularly in the Antarctic and South Chile”.