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Trumpist Jim Jordan Warns US Congress Can’t Approve Aid To Israel Without Speaker |  International

Trumpist Jim Jordan Warns US Congress Can’t Approve Aid To Israel Without Speaker | International

The US House of Representatives has failed to elect a new president 17 days after impeaching Kevin McCarthy, deadlocked. Trump’s running mate, Jim Jordan, held a short press conference at the Washington Capitol earlier this Friday in which he urged his colleagues to elect him. Jordan has warned that Congress cannot approve aid that President Joe Biden plans to request for Ukraine and Israel. Speaker.

Jordan appeared shirtless as usual. He began his speech with a speech about how America had progressed from the Wright brothers’ first flight to the moon landing. He made it clear in his speech that he is not considering a solution to hand over powers to House Speaker Patrick McHenry, but plans to defer to the necessary votes until he is elected. “There have been several rounds of voting for the President before this. We all know. I knew we had a need Speaker We can work for the American people as soon as possible,” he pointed out.

Republicans wanted to avoid the scenario of last January, when they needed 15 votes to elect Kevin McCarthy in the face of stiff opposition from the party. They organized a vote within the parliamentary committee, the winner of which was Steve Scalise. Radical Jordan, a co-founder of the Freedom Caucus, which brings together the party’s most radical members, came in second. However, as usual in these processes, after being defeated, he refused to close ranks and ask for support from his rival. Hard-line Republicans have made it clear they will block Scalise’s nomination, who threw in the towel before submitting it to the full session.

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Jordan took over, but now a group of moderate Republicans is paying him back. He lost one vote on the House floor on Tuesday and another on Wednesday. On Thursday, he looked to avoid a third defeat. Jordan and his supporters had hoped that the moderates would capitulate, but the pressure exerted on them has proved counterproductive and they have decided to stand down. There is an atmosphere of apparent conflict in the Republican caucus and some disgruntled congressmen have reported threatening calls against themselves and their families.

In the first poll, 20 Republicans returned for him, and in the second, 22 refused to vote for him. If Jordan’s nomination is voted on for a third time on Capitol Hill on Thursday, there could be more flaws in their ranks. Jordan is meeting with Republicans who have denied him support, and they will try again, with a new vote scheduled for this Friday. “I’m still a candidate for the presidency of the House of Representatives, and I plan to go upstairs and get out the vote and win this election,” Jordan said.

“We have important work to do,” he told his press conference. “We must help Israel. We need to implement a budget so that key components of our government are properly funded and funded, especially our military. We must return to the work of our groups. And, obviously, I have to continue with the oversight work that I think is so important. In short, we must work for the American people. We have to do what we said we were going to do when you elected us and put us in office, and frankly, we can’t do that unless the House is open. Until then the house cannot be opened Speaker”, argued.

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The House of Representatives is deadlocked at a critical juncture for foreign and domestic policy. U.S. President Joe Biden plans to ask Congress, with a Democratic majority, for about $100 billion in funding that would require Senate approval for Israel, Ukraine and the border with Taiwan and Mexico. The House, under Republican control, could face more opposition.

On the domestic front, Congress has yet to approve any of the 12 budget laws that fund government operations. A last-minute budget extension agreed a few weeks ago expires on November 17. Then Parra must ratify the laws (not easy as they are complex and require a long process) or agree to a new extension.

There has been a deadlock in the election speaker, Republicans and moderate Democrats have been in talks to authorize interim President Patrick McHenry with interim governing powers that would allow legislative proceedings to resume. Jordan endorsed the proposal on Thursday morning, but backed out hours later after hard-liners in his party rejected the measure, signaling they would hand control of the House to Democrats.

McHenry was a confidant of ousted President Kevin McCarthy. Following the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, Congress decided that a succession mechanism was needed to avoid a power vacuum at a time of crisis. Since then, leaders of the House of Representatives have provided the secretary of the House with a list of appointees to fill a vacancy, as happened after McCarthy’s impeachment. McHenry was first on that list.

Until now there has been no need to resort to that solution, and there are various interpretations of the powers of the interim president. When the assembly elections started, the Speaker Before the representatives are sworn in, it is the first priority, and no law or initiative can be approved until the president is elected. In this case, there are no precedents and there are different legal interpretations: from those who believe that the activity is prohibited at the beginning of the legislature, the interim president can exercise his powers, albeit temporarily. For the avoidance of doubt, the Chamber was considering executing him openly.

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