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Mario Hernandez reacts to the rise of the dollar in Colombia with this 'meme'

Mario Hernandez reacts to the rise of the dollar in Colombia with this ‘meme’

This year, Colombian businessman Mario Hernandez has been active through his personal Twitter account, expressing his opinion on national news. Early in the election campaign, Fico expressed his support for Gutierrez and Rodolfo Hernández. But then the polarization ended when Colombia asked for union and Gustavo Pedro was elected president.

But without any doubt, One of the most talked about topics in the country in recent days is the rise in the value of the dollar. A fact that is currently worrying many countries, and Colombia is no exception.

For this reason, the businessman took the issue as a joke and decided to publish a meme mentioning this issue which has worried many people.

The man from Santander, unlike others who feared the value of the dollar, showed it calmly and playfully.

The meme features two men, apparently “smart” Asians, talking in front of the ocean. One of them asks: “Master, what is the secret of your peace?”, to which the other replies: “I bought dollars last week.”Refers to people celebrating the appreciation of the dollar because it will allow them to multiply their investments.

The image posted by the businessman generated laughing responses from users of the social network Twitter, while others used the space to remember to sell dollars before August 7. However, Mario Hernandez did not speak directly on the matter but only shared the meme.

In the last days, The businessman from Santander defended the owner of Grupo Aval and Luis Carlos Sarmiento Angulo, one of the richest businessmen in the country, on his social networks., which has been the subject of ridicule, criticism and memes on social media. Hernández assures her colleague that he has done many important things for the country, which is why he supports him in his criticism of the reforms proposed by President-elect Gustavo Pedro.

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