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Tropical Storm Earl forms east of the Leeward Islands

The National Weather Service (NMS) Invest 91L, located east of the Leeward Islands, confirmed Tropical Storm Earl around 10:00 p.m. It is forecast to move north-northeast of Puerto Rico over the weekend, bringing heavy rain.

First notice published National Hurricane Center (NHC, in English) At 11:00 PM a tropical storm formed 185 miles east of the Leeward Islands.West-northwest winds around 14 miles per hour (mph), with gusts as high as 40 mph.

It should be noted that there is currently no Tropical Storm Watch or Warning for Puerto Rico.

Meteorologist Emmanuel RodriguezFrom SNM, explained new day Rain will begin to fall on the island from tonight and the rain activity from the cyclone will continue through the weekend.

The main impact is rain activity, which starts tonight and lasts through the weekend. We’re talking about one to three inches of rain, but if we add up, it’s almost every day. These rains may create some local flash floods and torrents, and we may see some landslides in areas that have already been rained on, such as the interior and south of the island,” Rodriguez stressed by phone.

The image shows the projected track of Tropical Storm Earl as developed by the National Hurricane Center. (catch)

Earl is expected to continue its west-northwestward motion through the weekend, although it may experience a reduction in forward speed, the bulletin said. The NHC expects the hurricane to turn northwest, with another reduction in forward speed between Sunday and Monday.

The agency expects the fifth tropical storm of the hurricane season to strengthen slightly in the coming days. Winds extend about 175 miles from the system, primarily to the north and east of the center.

“The center of the system will pass over our waters, so the warning for small boat operators is already in force in the Atlantic Ocean. It could cause dangerous swells. With the same rain they sometimes bring wind, but we are not talking about a system that brings wind to our region,” emphasized Rodriguez.

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