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US authorizes Chevron to partially resume operations in Venezuela

US authorizes Chevron to partially resume operations in Venezuela

Oil giant Chevron to resume operations in Venezuela (EFE/Brendan McDermid)

The US government announced on Saturday Recognizes oil company Chevron To resume Limited natural resource extraction activities in Venezuela As a result of the restart Negotiations between the Venezuelan government and the opposition.

This action, according to Department of Treasuryreflects the long-term policy of America “Providing targeted sanctions relief based on concrete measures that will reduce the suffering of the Venezuelan people and support the restoration of democracy”

According to the Treasury Department, the move reflects a long-standing U.S. policy to “provide targeted sanctions relief based on concrete actions that will reduce the suffering of the Venezuelan people and support the restoration of democracy.”

Department of Treasury said The authorization prevents Venezuela’s state oil company PDVSA from profiting from Chevron oil sales. and not other activities with PDVSA, allowing activity related to Chevron’s joint ventures in Venezuela.

“Other sanctions and restrictions related to Venezuela imposed by the United States remain in place,” their statement clarified.According to it the country will “vigorously enforce these sanctions and continue to hold accountable any actor who participates in corrupt practices, violates US laws, or violates human rights in Venezuela.”

Any decision by the US executive on Chevron to encourage the parties to return to the negotiating table and other specific commitments in favor of the Venezuelan people.

The Savista dictatorship and the opposition signed an agreement in the Mexican capital on Saturday that provides for the creation of a fund managed by the United Nations to resolve the complex social crisis in Venezuela within the framework of reactivating dialogue. .

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The terms of the partial agreement were announced by the Chairman of the Norwegian Facility Committee, Doc NylanderHe affirmed that the agreement would make it possible to achieve important improvements for the security of the Venezuelan people.

Nylander made the announcement during an event at a hotel in downtown Mexico City The social fund will be financed with the frozen resources of the Venezuelan government in the International Financial System. will be used to support health, food and education programs for poor sectors worst affected by the crisis; Improve the deteriorated public electricity system and help families affected by heavy rains in the second half of the year.

said the coordinator The United Nations will support and create a panel of observers to implement the treaty. Together with representatives from both parties, they will follow through on the plans.

The deal did not specify the amount the fund would manage, but it is expected to reach $3,000 million.

After thirteen months of stalled talks, the government and the opposition are trying to jumpstart the process through a social pact, brokered by Norway in recent months.

The creation of a social fund is part of a broader agenda of discussions that include the lifting of economic sanctions, the definition of conditions for the 2024 presidential election, the release and return of political prisoners. Political disqualifications.

The US also welcomed the “Social Security” deal.

“We join the international community in restarting talks” between the two sides after a nearly year-and-a-half freeze, a senior US government source said of the restarted talks in Mexico. He called the deal “important steps in the right direction” in Venezuela, minutes after Chevron received sanctions relief with Washington’s permission to resume oil extraction operations in the Caribbean nation.

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