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Train yourself as a tablet repairman with this free online course – Teach Me About Science

Train yourself as a tablet repairman with this free online course – Teach Me About Science

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Devices like mobile phones and tablets, due to their constant use, tend to break down frequently, leaving a huge demand for repair, so it is best if you want to learn about repairing mobile phones and tablets, two devices most used in the day, this course is for you.

A mobile phone and tablet repairman is a specialist who is trained to solve different types of malfunctions that may occur in the above-mentioned devices. This is accomplished by performing diagnostics and installing or reinstalling hardware and/or software items, as the case may be.

This profession is very important today, because as we mentioned it has the knowledge of how to repair two devices that could break down sooner or later, which is why many people who have problems with the operation of these devices immediately turn to these professionals. Which can be rented through a company or start your own mobile phone and tablet repair business, either of which can bring you excellent profits.

But to be able to achieve this, taking a good training course is essential, in which you will learn the necessary knowledge to be able to perform professionally when repairing a cell phone or tablet. There are many online courses that can give you the best knowledge and one of them is the one offered by Carlos Slim Foundation, this course titled Cell phone and tablet repairman.

Which takes you by the hand in a very intuitive way and with a very easy to learn interface, The course allows you to be the owner of your timeThat is, you decide what is the best moment in your time to start studying and resume your lessons. This course is at beginner levelwhich gives you the basis of what you should do when repairing a cell phone or tablet, The duration is short, about 62 hoursThis length is ideal because when you know how to spread it out over week after week, the cycle becomes really short. If this is your case, you can continue studying, because this course is part of the diploma, which gives you access to new subjects so you can obtain this document. It is worth noting that this course is certified, a fact that will give an addition to your job application letter at any company.

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So, there you have it, you learn and then make your own income, which is something that many would like to do and more so in something they love, so we recommend that you do not miss it and check out the educational content that this course offers you and try the opportunity.

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The topics you can learn in this interesting mobile phone and tablet repairer course are the following:

Cell phone and tablet repairman

Level 1

Lesson 1

– Operating mobile devices

– Generations of mobile communications technologies

– General components

– Mobile device structure

– Safety tools and equipment

– Mobile device basics

Lesson 2

– Basic concepts of electronics

– Analogue and digital electronics

– Occupational health and safety measures

– Use a multimeter

– Use a soldering station

– Using measuring and welding tools

Lesson 3

– Electronic codes

– Interpretation of the electronic diagram

– CI data sheets

– Symbol of resistance

– Dimensions of passive components

– Types of packaging

– Electronic diagrams and symbols

Level 2

Lesson 1

– Mobile device repair process

-Communication with the client

– Ports for mobile devices

– Software or hardware failure

– Evaluation of the situation

Lesson 2

° It consists of 4 chapters

– Improve smartphone performance

– Forced restore without a computer

– Restore and update using flashing software from PC

– Restore using command line

– Correcting software errors

Lesson 3

– Remove the back cover

– Change the battery

– Replace the motherboard

– Switch screen

– Replacement of standard elements

– Replacement of buttons and fingerprint sensor

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– Replace components

Level 3

Lesson 1

– Wet appliances

– Short circuits on the motherboard

– Flexible cables soldered to the motherboard

– Special fixes

Level 4

Lesson 1

– Prepare your work


– Trends and updates

– Economic and environmental factors

If you would like to enter the course and start a new stage of learning, you can click on this link Cell phone and tablet repairman.

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