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Latest version of WhatsApp: The trick to activate “Heart Mode” in the application |  Sports play

Latest version of WhatsApp: The trick to activate “Heart Mode” in the application | Sports play

If you are very romantic or want to gift it to someone special, then you should try this trick. WhatsApp is the app that makes changes every moment. According to the site , the function that allows you to change the colors of the entire platform will be available in the first half of this year. Although many people worry about this, today I'm going to show you a simple trick that worked for me: the Heart Mode Activator. What are all the necessary conditions? Do any apps require downloading?

Choose your strawberry side. The use of a third-party application is required for this tutorial. This means you won't be able to access your calendar or your private or group chats. WhatsApp. I can assure you that it is legal because it is completely free and present in the same Google Play Store.

Remember that this trick can only be performed on Android terminals. It is possible to do this on iPhones, but it will take a certain amount of extra time. So do this tutorial I recommend.

How to activate “Heart Mode” in the latest version of WhatsApp

  • The first thing is to download the application known as “Nova Launcher”.
  • As I mentioned, this is on Google Play without paying extra. You can access it using this .
  • When you already have it on your cell phone, All you have to do is open it and select the style you want your smartphone screen to appear in..
  • You can specify the size of letters, the shape of symbols, etc.
  • Once this is done, you should move on to the next step: Download the heart-shaped WhatsApp icon.
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WhatsApp | Once you open Nova Launcher, click on the WhatsApp icon and the Edit tab will appear. (Photo: Debord – Rommel Yupanki)
  • Can Find the logo using English terms: WhatsApp icon heart. Try to make sure it is PNG and transparent..
  • Now you just have to go to your cell phone screen and press the application icon for about two seconds.
  • A will appear Floating window where you have to click on “Edit”.
WhatsApp | In this way, your cell phone will have the new “Heart Mode” active in the WhatsApp application. (Photo: Debord – Rommel Yupanki)
  • now Click on the WhatsApp icon, then go to Applications, Photos and choose the heart image that you downloaded previously.
  • At that moment you just have to do it Determine the size of the new logo.
  • With this, you are done and you will have already activated the “Heart Mode” in WhatsApp

I will show you some tricks to change the colors of the WhatsApp icon

Did you like this new information about WhatsApp? Did you learn a useful trick? This app is full of new “secrets”, codes, shortcuts and tools that you can keep trying and you will only need to enter the following link for more feedback WhatsApp In Debord, that's it. what are you waiting for?

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