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Chaotic moment two US Air Force jets collide at Fort Lauderdale (VIDEO)

Chaotic moment two US Air Force jets collide at Fort Lauderdale (VIDEO)

Two planes played their lot at the Fort Lauderdale Air Show this Sunday. YouTube Frog Railfanning

Last Sunday, May 12, the Fort Lauderdale Air Show was held in Broward County, Florida. Hundreds of people attended one of the nation’s most popular air shows due to the acrobatics performed by US Air Force planes in a demonstration.

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This year’s show featured an appearance by the Thunderbirds, an elite group of six F-16 Fighting Falcons performing a joint aerial dance. Members of the Ghost Squadron also took part, as they acted out the dramatic moment after the wings of the two planes collided.

Regarding this Sunday’s incident, which was recorded on video by several viewers, the organizers of the event issued a statement on social networks to provide details: “During the operation of the Coast Squadron, two aircraft flying in formation touched the tips of the wings. . An emergency was declared as a precautionary measure. “Both aircraft landed safely and the pilots were not injured.”

Videos posted on sites like Twitter and YouTube show four jets flying together as part of a formation. At one point, the two planes touch their wings and briefly lose control. However, the pilots corrected the course and there were no major problems.

“We were able to capture video of what appears to be a collision between two Polaris Coast Squadron aircraft at the Fort Lauderdale Air Show. The division of formation indicates that what happened was not part of the demonstration,” wrote the person who uploaded the clip, which has accumulated more than 122 thousand views, on his YouTube account Frog Railfanning.

For his part, Fort Lauderdale Air Show spokesman Chris Tirado explained in a statement: “The emergency was declared as a precaution. The pilots were uninjured as both planes landed safely. The show resumed after a short break. Meanwhile, the Federal Aviation Administration has launched an investigation into the cause of the incident.

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Fort Lauderdale Airshow Mid-Air Clash - Polaris Coast Squadron

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