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Nicolás Maduro doesn’t want you to see the documentary about Alex Sapp

Nicolás Maduro doesn’t want you to see the documentary about Alex Sapp


Last week, Attorney General Tarek William Saab, Roberto Deniz and Ewald Scharfenberg are part of the “PDVSA Crypto” case, where his office throws out all those the Maduro government wants to punish, saying that investigative journalists are nothing less than propaganda operators. . To Tarek El Aissami.

By: Chronicles of Caracas

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Both Deniz and Scharfenberg are two of the founders of Armando.Info and have, in fact, published investigations against the disgraced former oil minister. This allegation has the absurdity of many of the charges created by the judiciary to show who is in office. But this time, it’s easy to wonder why Saab is once again attacking journalists who were exiled years ago.

Last night, on PBS America and online, “A Dangerous Mission: Uncovering Corruption in Maduro’s Venezuela,” a documentary about Armando.Info’s investigation of Alex Sapp.

The film, the first feature-length documentary directed by Juan Ravel, is superbly crafted, layering this story with such finesse that it proves how valuable it is as a case study of the perversion of Venezuelan institutions at Maduro’s hands. Company.

A Dangerous Mission: Exposing Corruption in Maduro's Venezuela (Full Documentary) |  front row

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