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Trump and his interest in the 2020 election are deteriorating (analysis)

Trump and his interest in the 2020 election are deteriorating (analysis)

(CNN) – Evidence is everywhere.

CNN’s Dana Bosch declared Thursday morning that former President Donald Trump was “more maniacal than ever in the 2020 election” and that the former president was only “asking for the bottom of the crazy barrel fund” by a former Trump aide. “

It follows the reports The New York Times Y Washington Post Trump firmly believes that he will be re-elected president this summer, when all sorts of bizarre and credible audits fail.

“Trump was very interested in censorship, and recently suggested to his allies that he return to the White House this year as a result of their success.

Trump himself has been sending a series of statements on the matter: Arizona Governor Doug Ducy and Arizona Attorney General Mark Brunovic have criticized both Republicans for not doing much to support the ridiculous reconsideration in Marigopa County. On Monday, Trump began: “Great work is being done in Georgia to expose electoral fraud in the 2020 presidential election. But we should not allow anyone to leave the building without security and compromise on this ballot, which was done on Friday. Evening. Republicans and patriots must defend this platform and the votes that are not there. (For more information on the non-voting situation in Georgia, read on This.)

The most obvious-hit in the face? Trump has not given up his illusions about the 2020 election. He is getting worse.

And it’s not just Trump. Even those who are inspired by him, who is rightly understood as the majority in the Republican Party, go deeper into the madness of conspiracy theories.

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Witness Michael Flynn, Trump’s former national security adviser, over the weekend backed a regime change like Myanmar’s in the United States. (Flynn later told the parlor that “there is no reason for any conspiracy in the United States, and I have not heard or heard of any such action at any time”).

Or so-called “electoral security” laws in response to threats posed by widespread Republican-controlled legislatures across the country.

You get the idea. This nonsense does not slow down or disappear, it collects steam.

All of this underscores the strategy used by Republican leaders in Washington to date, and Homer Simpson describes a great test he must take: “During the election, I will hide under certain lines and hope that everything will be resolved somehow.”

The hopeless hope of people like Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell is that after the 2020 election, Trump will simply fade away. Of course, he will be a person of a certain status within some within the Republican Party, but his ability to command the national arena or exert considerable influence over the party leadership will be considerably weakened.

That did not happen. This creates this reality for Republicans: as more and more barbaric fantasies about Trump’s return to power move, the Republican platform is being followed. Since no politician can be trusted to win an election without his party base, Republican-elected officials stand by him.

This means they now agree with a man who believes he will be re-elected president this summer due to a series of foreign accounts and audits in undecided states.

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Too much trouble for Republicans: There is no evidence that Trump hit the rock yet. Or that there is a base. They have allowed his absurd behavior for so long that it is hard to imagine that they could suddenly say that the former president has exceeded any limits in terms of decoration or responsibility. He and they left that line in the dust a long time ago.