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Russia is now a "global economic and financial catastrophe"

Russia is now a “global economic and financial catastrophe”

Penalties West It excludes Russian banks from the global system and prevents them from replacing the central bank Russia A ruble in a financial “free fall” in Baria, a top US official promised this Saturday.

Russia It has become a global economic and financial problem, “he said, adding that now its central bank” can not support the ruble. ”


“Only Putin It can determine how much it is willing to spend, “he said.

Western powers agreed to a new round of sanctions on Saturday Russia For the occupation of Ukraine, including the expulsion of several Russian banks from the inter-bank system Swift.

The White House Says that West Has decided to continue to impose sanctions. “It will be further isolated Russia The International Monetary Fund and our economies “.

The United States and the European Union (EU), along with other Western partners, agreed this Saturday to remove “some” Russian banks from the international community. SwiftBy a strong economic action in response to the military occupation of Ukraine Russia.

“We are committed to ensuring some banks Russia The message will be removed from the system Swift. This will ensure that these banks are disconnected from the International Monetary Fund and their ability to operate globally is undermined, ”a joint statement said. White HouseAlso signed by Canada and the United Kingdom.

Exclusion of Russian companies not mentioned in the report from the Global Interbank Financial Telecommunications Association (SwiftIts abbreviation in English) comes after intense consultations between the US and European countries in recent days, some of which have raised their doubts about this.

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Transaction system Swift It is the basis of the global financial system and is used by 11,000 banks in 200 countries or territories to make transactions.

Similarly, Western allies agreed to “impose regulatory measures” against the central bank Russia With the aim of preventing it from using its international reserves to undermine the impact of sanctions.

In a phone call with reporters to explain these obstacles, an official said White HouseAnonymous stressed that “the consequences of these actions will be felt immediately in the Russian financial markets” and that the Russian currency, the ruble, will “fall freely” as a result.

On the other hand, Western allies also pledged to work together to “restrict the sale of so-called gold passports, which would allow wealthy Russians affiliated with the government. Russia Become a citizen and gain access to financial institutions. “

“We stand with the people of Ukraine at this dark time,” the document concluded, pointing out possible additional obstacles.

After several months of tension, Russia On Thursday began a military operation in Ukraine, which began with bombings in several urban centers and continued to deploy troops, thus these Russian military units tighten the siege of the country’s capital Kiev.

In response to the Russian attack, the United States, the European Union and other allies have announced a series of sanctions against Moscow, including the financial blockade of several major Russian banks and export controls. Russia High-tech Western products.

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