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Former Mayor Ernesto Mushond has been placed under house arrest by a judge

Former Mayor Ernesto Mushond has been placed under house arrest by a judge

This Friday, Mueshond went to a second trial court, where a special hearing was held to review the proceedings. The judge established that he would also wear an electronic bracelet.

San Salvador’s second trial court has ordered former San Salvador mayor Ernesto Mushond to use home guard and electronic bracelets, but before being taken home in accordance with the move, police arrested him for another offense related to tax evasion.

Police announced on his Twitter account that Mushont was seized for withholding or misusing tax receipts to the detriment of the public treasury. The corporation said it would take him to La Esperanza prison, also known as Mariona.

Leaving the court, the former mayor of the capital said, “I welcome everyone to the dictatorship of Naib Bukel. I was the first of many who came. They will do to me what they do to any opponent. He blamed dictator Nai Bukheel for anything that happened to me. “

While in police custody, Moyshond continued to accuse Bushell of ordering his arrest. “I am a political prisoner, I am a prisoner of the Naib Bukhe dictatorship. They are taking me to jail on the orders of Naeem Bukel, ”said Muishond.

Before entering the special inquiry, the former mayor of the capital, who was recently appointed adviser to the Organization of American States (OAS), said he felt politically persecuted by the Naib Bukhale government.

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“They use evidence, institutions, jurisdictions, and the positions of public officials to harass and blame those who think differently and dare to criticize the government’s brutal decisions,” Mushond said.

He regretted the decision of lawyer Rodolfo Delgado, who called him a “wimpy from Buckle” for violating the agreement with OAS for the operation of the CCS. “This is another setback for the fight against corruption and punishment,” he said.

He argued that his position as an adviser to the OAS did not mean that he was seeking diplomatic opposition so as not to face proceedings against him for allegedly negotiating with the gangs.

“I’m still in the country, I have to travel to Washington for something else. This is a consulting position. They should be satisfied that a Salvador does not hold such an important position in an organization like OAS. This will help clean up the bad image of El Salvador in Washington and around the world,” he said. .

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He warned that the Buckeye government’s conflict with the United States needed to be resolved, and that if it was not “drastically changed, it would have dire consequences for the Salvadorans here and there.”