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Top 3 Ways to Record WhatsApp Call

Top 3 Ways to Record WhatsApp Call

WhatsApp call log. (Photo: Spanish)

The WhatsApp become one Applications Most used by users smart phones. What started as a simple instant message has turned into a complex application with which to You can make calls and video calls, It is included You can record some of them Then we tell you how to make it happen.

Although some phone models allow you to do this natively (it’s a feature included in the The operating systemOthers don’t, so we recommend that you do it One of the following three ways to record your WhatsApp calls:

Method 1: Use the function installed on your cell phone

phones oneplus they have one Integrated application with call recording function. It can be found in the section Settings from the app.

The best part is that the person on the other end of the call You do not receive the notification.

users Samsung They can also record calls using an integrated application provided by the company. You need to open a file smart phone samsung galaxy, push the button three points to open the section sessionthen press Call Recording And finally, activation Automatic call recording.

Samsung phone is recording a WhatsApp call.  (Photo: MyComputer)
Samsung phone is recording a WhatsApp call. (Photo: MyComputer)

Method 2: Install an app from the Google Play Store

Now, what if you don’t have a Samsung or One Plus phone? Then you can safely try the following method:

Installing the application google phone From Play Store. Open it and touch the icon Three dots > Settings > Call recording.

in a Always record, touch. Contact. Link Selected numbers> Turn on Always register selected numbers> Click Add in the upper right corner.

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You can then select a contact and touch Always record. You can also make changes according to your preference. but nevertheless, google browser It warns and says that the user must be in a country or region that supports call recording.

Also, to clarify, Google says that the participants in the call are notified that the call is being recorded.

Google Phone app.  (Photo: Andro4all)
Google Phone app. (Photo: Andro4all)

Method 3: Download an app to record all WhatsApp and cell phone calls

Finally, one can easily download an app from Google Playstore and Use it to record all incoming calls on both phone and WhatsApp.

First you need to download the app Cube call recorder.

After opening the app, go to WhatsApp, then Call the person you want to talk to.

If during this time you see an A . badge Cube In your call, it means that the call has been recorded.

if it was Error On your phone, reopen the cube call recorder. This time you need to go to the app settings and tap VoIP power on a voice call.

After all this process make a file WhatsApp call.

If the Cube call recorder does not appear even during this time, This means that it will not work on your phone.

Cube call recorder.  (photo: Google Play)
Cube call recorder. (photo: Google Play)

So you can find out if a fake location has been sent to you on WhatsApp

To detect if they have sent you a location other than the current one, just pay attention to the message they are sending you, because Preview will be different In the case of the current location or if the person has searched for another location on the map.

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If the map preview It has no name, text or description below, is that the user saidThe current location has been submitted.

exactly the contrary, If you include this preview Establishment name or description Is this person mentioned? You have used the search engine or selected within the suggestions.

Whatsapp fake location in real time.  (Photo: computer group)
Whatsapp fake location in real time. (Photo: computer group)

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