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Optical illusion of space: Jupiter and Venus will appear almost united in the night sky

Optical illusion of space: Jupiter and Venus will appear almost united in the night sky

A crescent moon conjunction with Jupiter and Venus is seen in the sky over Redburn, Britain (Reuters/Peter Chipura)

As soon as the sun goes down you will see Venus and Jupiter converge To celebrate the change of the calendar to Spring (Northern) and the beginning of its conjunction. The planetary history of March is ready to put on a great show on Wednesday night.

Venus, the brightest planet, and Jupiter, the gas giant, will appear as two nearly touching circular bodies, less than 1 degree apart in the night sky. the coupling Occurs when two planets, a planet and a star or a planet and the moon appear to touch each other from Earth. But this conjunction is different because of the proximity of the planets.

If you were to stretch out your hand and raise your little finger against the night sky, the NASA ambassador said, “Your little finger won’t fit between these planets, they’re too close,” said the NASA ambassador. Tony Rice. “They don’t get very close that much.”

But don’t be fooled, it’s a file Optical error and illusion. While it may appear that the two planets are embracing, they are actually separated by millions of miles of space.

Venus and Jupiter have gradually moved closer over the past few weeks. Last week they formed an impressive streak with Al-Hilal.

According to the British newspaper The Guardian, the two planets will race in slow motion on Wednesday and Thursday before separating from each other until May 2024. Noah Petroworld NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter project. The last time Venus and Jupiter came close was on April 30, 2022.

Conjunction of Venus and Jupiter (social networks)

According to Rice, the next time Venus and Jupiter come as close as they are now will be on February 7, 2032.

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On Wednesday night, Rice said, Jupiter will be the darkest globe on the left side of Venus because it is so far away. Venus will shine six times brighter than Jupiter.

Pietro said the two planets would be closest around midnight, when they would be half a degree apart. Then the planets will gradually move away from each other.

So, if you want to find sexy sunsets, look to the western sky, as the character Elphaba said in the musical. evil. Away from the bright lights of the city and where the sky is clear, the couple It should be visible to everyone on Earth with the naked eyebut binoculars or a telescope will focus more on the couple.

Jupiter’s four large moons may also be visible to viewers with a powerful enough telescope.

After Thursday, Venus will slowly rise higher than the horizon with each passing night. But Jupiter will dip below the horizon, Rice said, “disappearing below the evening horizon in the middle of the month.”

If you missed the flare of Venus and Jupiter on Wednesday night, Thursday night will give you another chance. If you missed both visits this month, don’t worry:The pairing is common! But you’ll have to wait until the summer solstice to see the next summer solstice.

On the first official day of summer, Venus, Mars and the Moon will form a triangle in the night sky. No special equipment will be required to view the trio.

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