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An Apple employee gives us clues about what to expect at WWDC2023

An Apple employee gives us clues about what to expect at WWDC2023

Apple just announced its Worldwide Developers Conference 2023. It will be held in Cupertino Between the fifth and ninth of June nextAnd although the event will be online, on the same day as Keynote there will be a face-to-face presentation, as happened last year.

WWDC2023 is the annual developer event where Apple presents all the new operating systems: iOS 17, iPadOS, etc. In addition, those from Cupertino usually take the opportunity to provide hardware news, although this does not always happen. This is exactly what is interesting, it turns out, the person in charge of Apple’s events gave us A few very interesting tracks on his Instagram account.

WWDC is big, very big

Stephen Hon Responsible for everything related to Apple eventsHe shared a couple of stories on his Instagram that give us a little glimpse of what we can expect during WWDC.

In the first of the two stories, he posts that WWDC is Apple’s next event and, more interestingly, “maybe its biggest ever.” Can we conclude from this that This WWDC will bring something interesting? Something like… a virtual reality headset?

To add more fuel to the fire, we’re finding a second all-black story in it Emoji with sunglasses. some glasses. We all think the same thing, right?

In any case, we don’t think this is a cause for serious concern. These stories were clearly approved by Apple, otherwise this guy would have already lost his job. Maybe it is a way to give a hidden clue, or to play clueless. In any case, It doesn’t look like we’ll find out until the keynote on June 5th.

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