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This was Elizabeth Gutierrez's birthday party

This was Elizabeth Gutierrez's birthday party

April 1 was a day of joy and celebration for the talented actress Elizabeth Gutierrez, who was 45 years old. The occasion did not go unnoticed, and the star decided to celebrate in a big way at her home, surrounded by her loved ones, including her children. Christopher And Kaylee.

Feelings and love were present in every moment of the celebration, as evidenced by the photos that Elizabeth shared on her personal Instagram page. In the photos, you can see the actress radiant and smiling, surrounded by friends and family, expressing her gratitude for the special day she was having.

“My whole life today, tomorrow and always: my children. Thank you for this special day. Thank you Marie, Alfred, Ivy…And everyone who accompanied me is loved,” Elizabeth shared alongside the snaps.

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Many of his fans were hoping to see him William Levi Sharing this special day with the mother of his children and showing the love they have for each other, but his absence was noticeable in the photos shared so they wondered where William was.

On the other hand, the atmosphere of happiness and family unity has not diminished at any time. Elizabeth, who wore an elegant green dress with long sleeves, appeared radiating happiness as she received the love of those around her.

One of the most emotional moments of the celebration was when Elizabeth was surprised by the “Happy Birthday” song, followed by the traditional blowing out of the candles.

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Additionally, Elizabeth's eldest son, Christopher, had some touching words for his mother via social media: “Happy Birthday to the best mother I could ever ask for! Thank you for everything you've ever done! Love you.” I love you with everything!” Express the strong and special bond between mother and son.

Elizabeth Gutierrez's 45th birthday was an intimate and emotional celebration, filled with love, gratitude and the company of those she loves most in life. It is undoubtedly an unforgettable day for a star who shines on screen and in her personal life.

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