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This is what happens if you leave your cell phone charging all the time

This is what happens if you leave your cell phone charging all the time

The use of mobile devices, and technology in general, has increased in recent years, bringing with it new behaviors. We cannot deny that we all have usage habits of mobile phones, tablets or any other device. But there are some things, although common, that are not good, including leaving the charger plugged in all the time.

Whether because you don’t want to lose it, because it’s easier and more organized for you to have it there, because of neglect, or for some other reason; Leave online Your cell phone charger is not a good idea, especially if it takes care of it The device and its elements as much as possible. Here we tell you what can happen if you leave the charger plugged in frequently.

It is true that the cell phone charger does not consume the same amount of energy as the device, but the truth, according to Tekwala, is that it consumes negative energy, and the problem is not the electricity bill. Well, we’re talking about 0.2 watt-hoursbut you are reducing the useful life of your charger, misusing the power supply cable, and you can also damage or damage the connection pins.

In contrast, according to Meyers Companies Inc., in a more extreme case, it may happen that if the charger cable, box or wall plugs are in poor condition, they overheat and a short circuit occurs, This may cause a fire and put you in danger. Now that you know what can happen if you leave the charger plugged in without your cell phone, we give you some recommendations that you can follow to stop this habit and keep your device in good condition.

Exclusive/Photo by Onur Binay on Unsplash

  • Use a power strip or energy bar. These types of devices can help you keep your cables organized, but you must take care in using them.
  • Create a place for the cables. You can get a container or organizing box where you can put all your cables and chargers and leave them in one place.
  • Wrap them with rubber bands. Wrapping up your cables and then securing them with rubber bands can be a great space-saving option.
  • Use the correct charger. Motorola always recommends using a charger that is compatible with your cell phone, otherwise you will change the voltage it receives with an inappropriate one.
  • Goodbye to damaged cables. If your charging cable is broken or survived thanks to the tape, it is better that you replace it with a new one to avoid accidents.
  • Charger and cell phone together. Once you have finished charging your device, immediately remove the charger and set it aside.
  • Avoid using your cell phone while charging.

Breaking a habit is always a bit complicated, but it’s not impossible. Remember, this practice is not good for your cell phone or pocket, so it’s best to be true to your goal.



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