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This is what an Oxxo looks like in Colombia.  video

This is what an Oxxo looks like in Colombia. video

In our country, Oxo They have become small shops that can be visited day in and day out to buy any essential product. Its popularity has been so great that it has actually spread to other countries.

Through social networks, one of the users showed what A OXO in Colombiaas it contains very local elements and Arepa flavored potatoes.

Main sales for Oxo, mainly intended for beer, snacks, wine and liquor. Nowadays, there is one on almost every corner. It is estimated that there are more than 20 thousand stores in Mexico, Colombia, Chile, Peru and Brazil.

What products do they sell at Oxxo de Columbia?

the user @Gio_Baka He recently shared a photo revealing what it is Oxo in ColombiaWhat he found inside its shelves was surprising and strange. Among those that have attracted the most attention are arepa-flavored potatoes, a very popular local product.

But the surprises do not end there. can also be found Takis With a fiery flavour, although the video maker explains that it does not sting like the ones in our country. There are also other products such as Cookies and Cream Penguins, coca cola With a light touch of fat.

So, if you are planning to go there someday ColombiaKeep this information in mind to know that products Mexico They are not similar to those in other countries.

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