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He lives: Minute by minute from the conclusion of Así se baila

Lorenzo and Jessica in fourth place

They thank Telemundo for the opportunity, and look forward to 2022.

Así se baila choreographers shine on stage

The celebrities thanked them for all the work they’ve done this season.

Mariana Swan leaves the judge’s seat and takes the stage

He made everyone dance to the songs of “Ona de Dos” and “Ninya Buena”.

“With you I can give everything and never lose,” said Gregorio to Luna

The actor read a poem to his daughter, and moved everyone to the Así se baila.

“They’ve been the most growing couple,” Christian says.

The jury cried after the couple’s presentation, revealing that they see their relationship with their daughter in them.

Father and daughter impressed the audience

Gregorio and Luna have danced in front of pictures of both of them together over the years, from Luna’s birth to recent videos.

“This competition was Lorenzo vs Lorenzo,” the singer declared.

“Lorenzo 2.5 is the one I want to keep feeling,” said the Latin Grammy winner. For her part, Jessica thanked Telemundo and the audience.

“No one has the energy you guys have,” Jessica said.

The jury members celebrated the couple’s growth during the show.

Lorenzo and Jessica bring rock and roll

The couple danced to Elvis Presley.

Sandra thanks Adrian for accompanying her on the reality show

He dedicated his performance to his mother watching broadcasts from Mexico.

Adrian thanked the jury, Jackie, his voters, and Sandra. “I love you,” he told Sandra, “I will always love you. Always.”

“You two are the best couple that’s been on this dance floor,” says Ada.

The juror greeted them with a standing ovation, drawing tears from the spouses.

Adrien and Sandra rock the stage

The duo came to the show separately and paired them up by dancing. Today they delighted the audience with the rhythm of Charleston.

“In this program you made me go from the lowest point to the highest point,” Adriano stated.

Samadhi turned to his mother and thanked her for leading her forward. “I’ll never wither, mom,” the actress said. “I love you.”

Samadhi and Adriano rest after the presentation

The jury members congratulated them for their effort throughout the reality show, and thanked them for bringing their brotherly love to television.

The last dances begin with Samadhi and Adriano

The couple wants to win the jackpot to do a project where they can both act.

Taron Egerton on Telemundo

The actor introduced Sin 2, the new world movie.

Prince Royce will give the scoop This way you dance

The Dominican singer will premiere his new single “Veterana” with Elvis Martinez.

Jennifer joked: “We made it to the final!”

Obi announced that the two will be touring together. In addition, the new version of “Before” is now available on music streaming platforms.

Jennifer and Obi sing ‘Before’ as a duet

Obi Bermudez’s song became a collaboration with his fiancée.

We remember Jennifer and Obi got engaged on the show

Today they go up on stage to perform a song.

Asi’s finale itself begins with Bayla!

Samadhi, Adriano, Lorenzo, Jessica, Gregorio, Luna, Adrián and Sandra compete for the grand prize.

Prince Royce and Elvis Martinez will be in the final

CNCO arrives as musical guests

The American music group will also take the stage as a special guest in the grand finale of Así se baila.

Jennifer Peña and Obi Bermudez are back

The lover couple will attend at the conclusion of Así se baila as special guests.

Sending will start in a few minutes

Polo and Valeria said goodbye to Juan Gabriel for Así se baila con mix, while Adamari Lopez and Tony Costa were surprised to dance with their daughter Alaa. Lorenzo and Jessica stepped onto the stage with a crack. With the theme “I’m a funny guy,” Gregorio and Luna convinced the audience. For their part, Adrien and Sandra showed their steps with the song “Guayando”.

if you want vote With your partner of choice, here’s how to do it:

Starting at 9:00 pm (Peruvian and Mexican time) it is broadcasted live on Así se baila. Find out when you can watch the dance competition depending on your country of residence.

Those who want to view Telemundo’s original content from any country can do so through its website official Telemundo now.

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