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Eduardo Verastegui buzzed at Telethon 2021: "I like you, I'm with you!"

Eduardo Verastegui buzzed at Telethon 2021: “I like you, I’m with you!”

Lihue Althabe

verbr, Eduardo Verástegui, completely shaved his head in a nod of sympathy for children with cancer. This is during Telethon Night 2021 where More than 300 million pesos were collected, He also announced at the end of Saturday’s broadcast, although donations are still being received for now.

It was in this Telethon organized by Televisa Verástegui decided to undergo a radical change in search of a good cause. Later, he wrote on his Instagram account a message about the reasons for his decision to shave.

For the children! For the most! For the Telethon! Because we are all one when our hearts overflow and we embrace the same cause and the same fight! I came back a few days ago to visit the Tlinton Children’s Hospital of Oncology in Queretaro”Eduardo, who also recounted that he was affected by children with cancer, said.

“Sharing with the warrior kids who fight nonstop every day, motivated me to do something to get closer to them. I know that’s a small thing, but shaving my hair is a way of saying: I like you, I’m with you.”He continued in the position.

Photo: Instagram / @eduardoverastegui
Photo: Instagram / @eduardoverastegui

In addition to, Verástegui wrote about the song he composed based on the life stories of children with cancer and stated that all money raised by this song will be donated to the cause.

“While they were cutting my hair, we invited everyone to contribute to the Telethon. We set a goal number, but it was widely exceeded, thanks to the generosity of the Mexican people who donatedAnd he concluded in his message, in which he referred to other platforms that participated in the event.

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In the same sense, the President of Mexico, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO), invited Mexicans to participate in the Telethon. Despite the fact that he had previously ruled against the Foundation.

Through a videotaped message from National Placio, which was broadcast during the telethon 2021, AMLO called on Mexicans to contribute resources because “It is not just a matter of the government or the managers of Teletón. It is everyone’s business”, He expressed.

Photo: Twitter / @lopezobrador_
Photo: Twitter / @lopezobrador_

“My friends, my friends, I respectfully invite you to participate in the Telethon on Saturday and Sunday. It is a very noble and very humanitarian mission, which is to help people with disabilities. We are doing it from the government. I am very proud that a million girls and boys of different abilities are supported, and they are supported by a pension, but it is not enough‘, he pointed out.

In the letter, Lopez Obrador announced the signing of an agreement with this institution and explained it “In the case of Teletón, this will be an exception, because we will establish contacts, and we have already made a cooperation agreement so that more children will be received in Telethon centers and can be treated with rehabilitation therapy.”

As confirmed by He said he had complete confidence in the foundation’s directors, and in particular in its president, Fernando Landeros Verdugo, “a man of benevolence and a social dimension”.

However, in social networks, some users recalled that years ago AMLO wrote a tweet against Telethon: “Not with every Televisa in the world Televisa can compensate for the massive damage done to the people of Mexico as part of the power mafia”, wrote via the social network in 2014.

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