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This is how Taylor Swift reacted to the boos she received during a recent Kansas City Chiefs game

This is how Taylor Swift reacted to the boos she received during a recent Kansas City Chiefs game

During the Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots game, Taylor Swift was booed by local fans. Credits: X/@DonnieMexico17

Taylor Swift She accompanied her boyfriend again Travis Kelsey In another match of Kansas City Chiefsthis time in Gillette Stadium Subordinate New England Patriots in Boston. Despite playing as visitors and with a cold that reached at least 0 degrees Celsius, Kelce and his teammates were able to win 27-17.

However, the match was not a positive experience, especially for Taylor Swift, who was captured by stadium cameras. He received massive boos from New England Patriots fans.

Taylor, hearing the disdain loud and clear, began laughing with her father. Scott And her new friend Brittany Mahomeswife of the quarterback and MVP Patrick Mahomes. However, as the boos got louder, it seemed like Swift was no longer enjoying the athletic atmosphere, making a face of resignation. In addition, many have confirmed that in videos circulating on the networks, it can be seen that Swift told Brittany “I already expected it”.

Taylor Swift actually expected this reaction from Patriots fans

since 12-time Grammy Award winner He began making frequent appearances at Chiefs games, and many fans began complaining that the NFL was over-hyped, as the singer seemed to have given more importance than the sport itself. However, what happened in… Gillette Stadium The reason for this was that Swift became a reference for the Kansas City Chiefs, and thus for the localsbooing her represents booing the opposing teamFar from being a personal situation.

In his last interview with time As part of her Person of the Year nomination, Swift said she has no idea when she’ll be arrested, but at the end of the day, it’s not something she has to worry about.

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“I don’t know how they knew which wing I was in. There’s a camera, about half a mile away, and you don’t know where it is, and… You have no idea what time the camera puts you on stream, so I don’t know if they’re showing me 17 times or once.“.

NFL fans have argued that booing Taylor is tantamount to booing the Kansas City Chiefs, far from being a personal stance Mandatory Credit: Robert Deutsch-USA TODAY Sports TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

However, Taylor Swift’s fans began screaming online, ensuring the singer loved the songs Anti-hero And Karma He doesn’t deserve the animosity of Patriots fans. In addition, many “Swifts” shared their experience on the field, ensuring that there were moments when they felt threatened. The case that caused the most noise was that of User X known as Sarah, Who reported insults and threats from Patriots fans just for wearing Patriots colors Kansas City Chiefs and Taylor Swift.

An X user revealed that she was harassed during the Kansas vs. New England game for wearing the Chiefs and Taylor Swift colors (Photo credit: X/@cleantvv)

“I had guys right behind me in my ear too Many rows behind me in my section were screaming that I was stupid for being a Taylor fan And a lot of other unpleasant things that I wouldn’t put here for myself and frankly for Taylor. “It was terrible,” the fan wrote.

Sarah shared that due to the harassment, she had to change seats, and as it continued, the booing and insults continued. By the time he got up, a large portion of Patriots fans had already left the stadium due to the team’s poor performance during the game.

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