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“We need more beings like Bukele in the world”: Marco Antonio Solis

“We need more beings like Bukele in the world”: Marco Antonio Solis

Drafting. During his concert last night, Friday, December 15, the famous Mexican singer Marco Antonio Solis, known as “El Boque,” ​​thanked and highlighted… great work Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele.

“El Salvador is changing. We must publicly thank someone whom God has enlightened, Mr. Nayib Bukele, we need many more people like this man in the world, and I hope many will listen to him and see his example.said the Mexican singer at Cuscatlan Stadium in San Salvador.

The Mexican singer held his concert at the age of sixty-five in front of thousands of Salvadorans who gathered at the giant statue.

After thanking the artist, the president shared the clip via his X account (formerly Twitter): “There’s a reason they call it El BocMe,” Bukele posted.

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Bukele is the president Latin American Its administration enjoys higher levels of approval from citizens, according to a study prepared by CID Gallup.

Experts also classify him as a global figure. He is only 41 years old, and what he has done for his country is almost a miracle.

He came to power on June 1, 2019. In the same year he announced the so-called territorial control plan, implemented cell phone signal blockades in prisons and declared a state of emergency in prison.

Bukele, who is skilled at dealing with social media, is the most popular president in Latin America and enjoys the support of 90% of Salvadorans.

in The second phaseMilitary power was strengthened, and on September 2 of that year, the first day without murders was recorded in the history of that small country.. From that moment on, the good news started coming. A month later, the United States lifted the travel warning for its citizens to El Salvador due to decreased insecurity.

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