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Carolina Cruz has defended herself from the bad comments of a former employee - People - Culture

Carolina Cruz has defended herself from the bad comments of a former employee – People – Culture

last week , Anchor Carolina Cruz was in the public eye, after she didn’t react when a guest fainted In the middle of the “Day by Day” programme. also because of A young man commented on social media that it was horrible to work with her.

The video was uploaded by user @soysebasgarciac and currently has 1.8 million views on TikTok. In the clip, the young man who was community manager advertising agency, She commented that the presenter always had a bad attitude and that it was very difficult to work with her.

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“Well, it turns out in the covers I had to ask him for photos, videos, capsules for social networks or to get content for the organization. “And whenever we asked him something, he was face to (…), like how lazy it is to be here,” said Sebastian.

He added to this that Cruz always changed his stance when the camera was on, but when it was turned off he was indifferent again.

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On October 21, the presenter in her Instagram stories used Q&A dynamics; In that space A follower asked him what he thought of what the young man said on his TikTok account.

He replied: I think that whoever says that a person is intolerable, In fact it must be because he treated her, because he was with her and because he found it unbearablecommented.

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alsoAnd the She added that she does not consider herself intolerable and that people’s opinions may differ depending on the factors.

“Then it is not good for me to answer this question, because I can say so I’m not unbearable, I don’t consider myself that way. But people who don’t know me can think otherwise, because gossip comes to them to comment and react at the moment.”

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