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Irella Bravo will remain in the United States for a while

Irella Bravo will remain in the United States for a while

after Irela Bravo She missed the program “Entre tú y yo” and traveled to Miami a lot They wondered if the actress would stay in the United States.

In a recent interview with Ian Padron for the “Right to Reply” program on YouTube, the Cuban broadcaster had to answer the question that the public has been asking in recent months, and everything seems to indicate that this time she will stay for a longer season in that country.

During the interview, Ian gave Irella a big surprise, and nothing else Facundo (Andy Vazquez) and Roberto (Omar Franco)The characters they shared with Cachita in the Cuban comedy film Vivir del Cuento.

Facebook Capture / Andy Vasquez

After much insistence, joined by Roberto and Facundo, and in the midst of jokes, Irella replied: “I remain the same as always with all these things, with the enormous affection they show me here every day, With the immense affection shown to me by this city that I love“What respect to the one to whom I have given so much and who has rewarded me at the same time.”

“I am above all happy, happy that our fans are there, here, anywhere You can continue to receive our workThe actress added: “Our affection, with love, without care, with complete devotion, I will keep it all.”

Facundo said with a laugh that he would take her to Cuba himself by the end of the year, but Ian Padron added: “It seems to me that Irella will not be in Cuba for Christmas. I get that the season is a little longer“.

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Although Irela He did not say how long he would remain in the United States.What was clear was that he would perform in front of the Miami audience, where he would perform alongside Facundo and Roberto on December 22 at Cuba Kitchen, with a show to bid farewell to 2023.