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Celine Dion’s sister confirmed that the singer “lost control of her muscles.”

Celine Dion’s sister confirmed that the singer “lost control of her muscles.”

Celine Dion, who suffered from a serious neurological disease, was forced to stop her concerts. (Getty Images)

The famous Canadian singer Celine Dion lost control of her muscles due to a struggle she had been facing for several years against Stiff Person Syndrome, a rare and serious neurological disease that affects the nervous system and, being progressive and incurable, has a serious impact on mobility. Her sister Claudette Dion announced this disturbing news, stating that Celine would have to wait an indefinite period of time before she could resume her performances on stage.

In an interview with 7 Jours magazine, Claudette shared poignant words about her sister’s condition, emphasizing that despite her discipline and tireless work ethic, Céline faces an uncertain future in her career. This update follows previous information provided by Claudette to HELLO! Canada in September, where she described that despite the famous singer’s efforts, her muscle spasms could not be controlled.

The disease forced the artist, famous for her song “My Heart Will Go On,” to cancel her “Courage” world tour and stop her theatrical career indefinitely. Claudette stated, in statements reported by the New York Post, that even the vocal cords and heart are vulnerable to this condition, which increases concern about Dion’s professional future.

Dion’s family has received countless messages of support through her foundation, Fondation Maman Dion. But hopes for improvement are slim, despite the efforts of “the best researchers in this field,” as confirmed by the singer’s relatives.

Celine Dion announced her battle against this condition in December 2022 through an emotional post on Instagram, and then canceled her world tour, which was scheduled to begin at the end of 2023 and 2024.

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Despite the rumors circulating on social media, Claudette Dion denied that the singer was confined to a wheelchair or that she was suffering from cancer, according to the British newspaper Daily Mail. She confirmed that Celine remained morally and mentally strong, and also denied that the disease had diminished his love of life. The singer is currently recovering in Denver and carefully following her doctors’ care plan, with the firm intention of returning to the stage.

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