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This is how Honduran footballers will recover to play for the Azteca team

This is how Honduran footballers will recover to play for the Azteca team

Cuernavaca, Mexico.

Every detail you can add is dear to the heart of the product Honduras national team Where he has been staying since Saturday CuernavacaMorelos, a beautiful city full of cobblestone alleys, historical monuments and a rich climate.

Doctors and two-color specialists work around the clock to restore the national football players and ensure that they reach the ideal conditions for the duel against them. Mexico.

The Honduran national team settles in Cuernavaca and Rueda asks for calm

the High pressure chambers These are units that help restore the physical fitness of football players and enable them to regain the optimal level that they are exposed to in this type of match. They are already ready at the Focus Hotel in Cuernavaca, where the players will work to reach 100 players for Tuesday’s match.

In addition to the cameras, it will also work with oxygen masks that will help the players clean their lungs, because without them at the maximum level, their size would be diminished at an altitude of 2,250 meters above sea level, in which they will play. The second leg of the Nations League quarter-final against Mexico.

The team will do two working sessions, in the morning it will be a makeover at the focus hotel where these techniques will be applied and in the afternoon it will be a turn-in Reynaldo RuedaTo do what is appropriate on the field in an effort to continue the path to victory.

Footballers who left yesterday due to physical problems, such as a condition, will be assessed Choco LozanoAs well as the centre-back luis vega, They both traveled with the group and in the next few hours they would continue the recovery plan to get rid of exhaustion.

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