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This is how Google’s new English practice tool works

This is how Google’s new English practice tool works

Learning another language has always been very important in our academic and professional development. Mastering the English language can help us open more doors than we think. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to the course, either due to lack of time or economic reasons. But that will no longer be an obstacle.

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Realizing that English is the most common language of communication in the world, Google has developed a tool through which you can practice this without having to leave your home. Best of all, this function is completely free. The tool is based on the LaMDA and PALM models of artificial intelligence applied to language. Simply put, Google has developed a tool that provides definitions as well as pronunciation practice with personalized suggestions. These are training lessons that last between 3 and 5 minutes.

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One of the advantages of this system is that Google has teamed up with Lancaster University professors to provide accurate answers It is modified according to each person’s level of English. The tool has the ability to provide feedback and perform contextual translations, showing how a word can have different meanings, depending on the circumstances in which it is used.

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Be careful, this tool is only enabled in the Google app for Android mobile phones and in some countries, including Colombia. The company aims to expand this service to other geographies and expand the language offering.

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What’s new in this development by Google is that the same tool determines a person’s level of English and suggests exercises according to it. As you respond and progress in your learning, the app feeds into your profile to provide you with more complete feedback about your needs and skills, in order to improve your English.

Hence, Google seeks for its users to learn the English language in an easy and quick way, without ignoring the fact of this You can set daily reminders, which will notify you when it’s time to attend your class.

How it works?

The first thing you need to do is go into your Google app and type “translator.” Once the search engine returns results, select the option “Practice speaking English” Which will take you to the page where you can do that

Use Google tool.

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First, Google will ask you a question, for example: What do you do for fun? (What do you do for fun?), and you are suggested to use a specific word to answer. In this case it is recommended to do so with He plays (He plays). The question must be answered verbally, the microphone activated and the suggested word used.

If you did it right, the tool will indicate this with a rating bar that turns green if you did it well, gray if you did it wrong, or red if you got the exercise wrong.

In addition to the evaluation, The tool provides you with other response options. For example, if you answered: I play video games (I play video games) In addition to giving you a green rating, the tool gives you other examples with the word He plays. I play sportss (I do sports) or I like to play board games with my friends (I like to play board games with my friends.)

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Once you answer the first question, you can get to the second question and so on. The tool also allows you to view the calendar from which you can Monitor the days you practiced, record your answers, and how many questions you answered well, averagely and poorly.

Other applications’

In addition to the new Google tool, which will allow you to practice English, we recommend other options, designed for this purpose or for learning this language from scratch, without any foundation.

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Duolingo: Probably the most famous app for learning languages. Yes, they not only teach English here but also More than 40 languages. Duolingo also uses artificial intelligence to adapt to a person’s skill level and offers them the best exercises to learn and practice not only speaking, but also listening, reading, writing, and grammar. Downloading Duolingo and using the app is free; However, they have a premium version with a fee to take lessons offline and without ads.

Fluento: This app has a self-learning element as it works through videos and is ideal for practicing language listening and learning applied vocabulary. While the video is playing, you can read the English subtitles. If you don’t understand a word, placing your cursor on it gives you the meaning. Finally, you will be tested to see how well you understand the audio-visual material. FluentU is known as “YouTube for language learners.” You can try this app free for 15 days. If you like it, you’ll be charged a monthly fee of $30.

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In conjunction with: This app is perfect for practicing English, since It connects native speakers of the language with students so that both can exchange language skills. In addition to helping teach English, native Tandem users seek to learn or practice another language. Communication channels are through messages, audio recordings and video calls. This app also allows you to make friends and connect with people in a particular city, in case you plan to travel and meet people. Finally, Tandem offers 20- and 60-minute classes.

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