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This is Alejandra Espinosa's mansion in Los Angeles after I lived in a modest neighborhood in Tijuana

This is Alejandra Espinosa’s mansion in Los Angeles after I lived in a modest neighborhood in Tijuana

Alexandra Espinosa She is one of the personalities of the artistic world who inspires all her fans on the great achievements that she achieved throughout her life for her great effort and commitment to achieving all her goals.

The Mexican, at just 34 years old, is today one of Univision’s most recognizable faces and her story serves as an example to show that coming from below is not an obstacle to fulfilling all her dreams.

actress, Who will now be one of the heroes of “Corazón Guerrero”On other occasions he admitted how it was part of his childhood and commented that although his parents, Don José and Dona Rosa Maria, worked hard to provide for their family, the money was not enough to live comfortably, so I had to move to one of the most Humble in Tijuana, Jardines del Rubí.

I don’t remember hearing any of my siblings, or my father, or my mother, or anyone complaining about having to go down the stairs or having to live where we live because, no matter what we had or didn’t have, I can say that I lived a childhood that wouldn’t I would never change it for anything in the world, expressed in previous interviews.

His house had only a small kitchen, a dining room, a living room, and two bedrooms. “When we lived here, I remember he always said, when he had the money, he’d fix the house, I never did and never did, he’d never touch me anymore, I guess. The whole house, you see, was made by my father himself. My father is not an architect. And my dad is a doctor. My dad knows nothing of this, but he did everything. It was half done, we didn’t have enough money to finish the house, it always lacked windows, we didn’t have the whole house, and there was always something missing.”

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His life changed when he moved to the United States.

After Espinosa decided to try his luck in the United States, he was crowned “Our Latin BeautyFrom there, the doors opened into the art world that allowed him to live today in a beautiful residence in Los Angeles, California.

Through her social networks, the model showcased her stunning current home, which has a large kitchen equipped with the latest appliances, as well as a TV room with a comfortable sofa near the fireplace that lights up when winter arrives.

The house also has a garden with a pool where their children Mateo and their two pets, Aquilis and Amaya, will have fun.