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This device may damage your WiFi signal

This device may damage your WiFi signal

Oftentimes, people who install internet services in their homes will see a lower frequency in their internet signal depending on where they are in the house. However, there may be a device that may weaken the Wi-fi signal and affect the internet signal reaching the rooms.

A YouTube user named Jesse Carvajal shared a video showing how the internet frequency drops when the microwave oven is on.

In the exposed images, it can be observed how the electromagnetic spectrum is measured in real time in the room by means of network analysis software. When the internet goes to 2.4GHz and you turn on the microwave, that signal drops from 30-50mbps to just 6-7mbps.

Why does the microwave affect the Wi-Fi signal?

Microwaves and internet routers use electromagnetic energy and operate on the same 2.4GHz band, the only difference is that microwaves emit their radiation at a higher energy. These devices have a power of 1000 watts, while routers do not exceed 100 milliwatts. It should be noted that this effect on home internet does not happen all the time, only when the microwave is in use.

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