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This amazing video showing how AI is revolutionizing mathematics learning

This amazing video showing how AI is revolutionizing mathematics learning

Artificial Intelligence applies complex mathematical concepts in an interactive manner. (X/@mckaywrigley)

Artificial intelligence (AI) company OpenAI on Monday presented ChatGPT-4o, the new free and faster version with improved capabilities of the popular “chatbot”, which is at the heart of the current technology race.

In an educational video, it was explained how to interact between… Artificial intelligence technologies how GPT-4 Teaching processes can revolutionize the way we understand and approach learning. Through a detailed sequence, the virtual teacher guides the student in solving a mathematical problem related to… TrianglesApply concepts such as opposite, adjacent, and hypotenuse with respect to a given angle.

It highlights this methodology The potential of artificial intelligence to provide personalized and live education, allowing the student to not only find the correct solution, but also understand the reasoning behind each step. This innovative approach confirms the ability artificial intelligence To act as a complement to traditional teaching techniques, offering a more interactive and personalized approach to learning complex concepts.

GPT-4o revolutionizes teaching with personalized virtual lessons (EFE/Wu Hao)

This progress in artificial intelligencerepresented by the initiative OpenAIThis technology promises to transform human interactions with machines, expanding their capabilities from the simple tasks of translating and answering questions, to understanding and analyzing images, as well as participating in complex conversations in real time through text, audio and video. This model aims not only to improve the accessibility and utility of computational intelligence technology to the general public, but also to foster a new era in… Digital and distance educationTechnology can personalize teaching and make it more efficient and relevant for students of different ages and academic levels, according to the Open AI page.

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Thus, OpenAI introduces a new desktop app for macOS, designed to make its computational intelligence tools easier to access in a more integrated way into users’ workflow. This tool represents an important step towards creating more interactive and productive work and learning environments, leveraging advanced system capabilities to provide fast and accurate responses to a wide range of queries and challenges.

Improvements in the speed and quality of interactions are expanding the reach of AI in education (screenshot)

With the launch of the model, the organization is not only improving its functionality ChatGPTbut it also makes previously inaccessible technology available to the public, Democratic access to learning and creativity Powered by computational intelligence. With significant improvements in speed, quality of interactions and support for more than 50 languages, its mission of promoting technological development in a way that is inclusive and beneficial to society has been emphasized.

This innovation comes at an important moment, as competition in developing computational intelligence between technology companies intensifies. The ability of this organization to move forward with the launch of technologies such as its latest model strengthens its position as a leader in the field of artificial intelligence, representing a milestone in how we interact and benefit from technology in our daily and professional lives, depending on the medium. CNBC.

GPT-4o technology makes digital education easier and more convenient (picture information)

The potential impact of these innovations in the technology sector has been widely recognized, indicating a future where computational intelligence will play a central role in transforming services and products, as well as in the way we approach learning and problem solving. The multilingual and multimodal capability of the new OpenAI model places it at the forefront of computational intelligence technology, opening new horizons for its application in areas such as education, research and product development.

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