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Download WhatsApp Plus Blue, latest version 2024: Install the APK update for Android

Download WhatsApp Plus Blue, latest version 2024: Install the APK update for Android

WhatsApp Plus Blue 2024 It has become one of the most popular apps of 2024, because it has very advanced tools.

The new blue WhatsApp Plus update for download on Android 2024.

If you have an Android mobile phone and want to modify it Messaging applicationThen you have to download WhatsApp Plus BLUE, this application contains advanced tools. To get this APK file, you must have enough space on your mobile phone. We explain step by step how to install it.

There are more features you can use when sending and receiving messages. This is possible using WhatsApp Plus. And in case you didn’t know, it can also be downloaded without ads or the risk of viruses. Remember that this “App” can only be used on mobile phones running OS Android.

Whatsapp plus It is an unofficial version and not available on Play Store. For this reason, to install it on a cell phone, we must download the APK (Android Application Package) that will allow us to obtain modern With the latest update. This file is not compatible with The original WhatsApp From Meta, so you need to uninstall the app to get the new variant.

The new blue WhatsApp Plus update for download

The latest version of WhatsApp Plus, V17.70, is available for free download. Here we show you the steps you need to follow to install it.

  • Make a backup copy of your WhatsApp account.
  • Uninstall the official WhatsApp Meta app.
  • Download WhatsApp Plus latest version from this link.
  • Activate your browser permissions to enable installation of third-party applications.
  • Enter your phone number and customize your profile.
  • Get started with WhatsApp Plus V17.70
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How to remove WhatsApp Plus Azul ads

There are several ways to disable ads in WhatsApp Plus. By following these steps, you can prevent ads from appearing while using the modified app. These are some of the benefits you get with the latest APK for Android.

  • Turn off automatic updates: Ads are activated if you have this option activated, and by deactivating it you can stop ads. You must do this from WhatsApp Plus settings and deactivate automatic update.
  • Block notifications: Deactivate this option to be able to forget notifications forever. You can do this from Notifications in Settings.
  • Remove ads– This is another way to bypass in-app notifications. You can install an ad blocking application such as AdBlock or AdGuard.