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Thirteen candidates have been registered for the Venezuelan presidential election

Thirteen candidates have been registered for the Venezuelan presidential election

(CNN in Spanish) — Thirteen people have registered to participate in the presidential elections scheduled for July 28 in Venezuela, including President Nicolas Maduro, who is seeking a third term, the head of the National Electoral Council, Elvis Amoruso, said on Tuesday.

In a press conference, Amoruso gave an overview of the candidacy registration period, between March 21 and 25. He added that by the end of the deadline, there were 13 registrations submitted by 37 political organizations.

The list of candidates includes:

1. Luis Eduardo Martinez

2. Daniel Ceballos

3. Antonio Icari

4. Juan Carlos Alvarado

5. José Dionisio Brito Rodriguez

6. Benjamin Raso

7. Javier Bertucci

8. Claudio Firmin

9. Louis Ratti

10. Enrique Márquez

11. Nicolas Maduro Moros

12. Manuel Rosales

13. Edmundo Gonzalez Urrutia

Only on Monday were searches carried out between Maduro and his opponents, Márquez and Rosales. Gonzalez Urrutia registered on Tuesday after an extension granted by the Electoral College.

The Democratic Unionist Party, which brings together the main opposition forces, was unable to register either Maria Corina Machado, who won the October primary but was excluded from running, or Corina Llores, whom Machado presented as his replacement. .

Joris told journalist Fernando del Rincon on Monday that he was not allowed access to the system to register, a version that Machado confirmed on Tuesday at a press conference.

The National Electoral Council did not publicly mention these setbacks, nor did it explain the reasons for registering all other candidates within the stipulated period.

With information from Osmari Hernandez and Alfredo Meza