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The United States called on the Maduro dictatorship to respect the right of all candidates to run in the elections

The United States called on the Maduro dictatorship to respect the right of all candidates to run in the elections

International pressure is increasing against the Maduro dictatorship to hold free elections in Venezuela (Reuters/Leonardo Fernandez Viloria)

The United States requested this Tuesday To Venezuelan dictator Nicolas Madurowhich Respect the right of all candidates to run in the presidential elections on July 28 She expressed her concern about the decision of the National Electoral Council to prevent the registration of opposition member Corinna Joris.

“We are working with other members of the international community to ensure that Venezuelans are able to participate in inclusive and competitive elections, and we urge Maduro’s representatives to allow all candidates to run,” the House spokesman said in a conversation with the media. Karen Jean-Pierre.

Democratic Unionist Platform (PUD)The majority bloc in the Venezuelan opposition tried to register as its presidential candidate Corinna Urisafter it was kept The controversial exclusion that weighs heavily on Maria Corina Machadothe winner of the opposition primaries held last year.

but, The opposition denounced that the electoral authorities also prevented the registration of Jorisan 80-year-old academic, has never worked in politics yet, and has no problem with the law or disqualification from holding public office.

He added: “We support the will and right of Venezuelans in Venezuelan political parties to choose their presidential candidates.”

White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre pointed to Venezuela's questionable electoral process. (EFE/MICHAEL REYNOLDS)

Jean-Pierre noted that the United States is “committed” to maintaining the easing of sanctions implemented in recent months if the Maduro regime remains “firm.” In “Commitments under Barbados’ Agreed Electoral Roadmap”.

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Last October, the Unitary Program and representatives of Chavismo signed an agreement in which the government committed to facilitating the holding of fair elections.

This allowed the United States to ease some of the sanctions it had imposed on the Venezuelan dictatorship.

Washington was the main party in the negotiation process towards the elections, in which the opposition unsuccessfully requested the mandate of Machado, the most likely candidate at the ballot boxes. Joe Biden's government has warned during these months that it will closely monitor compliance with commitments made in Barbados.

In addition to not including Llores, the Vente Venezuela (VV) party, which Machado leads, denounced this decision on Saturday. The whereabouts of Emil Brandt, Henry Alviarez, and Dignora Hernandez are unknownthree of the seven members of the group who were arrested in the past two months and charged by the Public Ministry for their alleged links to violent plans.

For his part, the Chavista Foreign Minister said: Evan GilHe warned, on Tuesday, that the regime “will take important decisions” regarding its relationship with the European Union after the continental bloc’s expression He expressed his concern about the wave of “arbitrary arrests” against opponents in the middle of the electoral process.

Maria Corina Machado confirmed on Tuesday that her candidate for the presidency of Venezuela is Corina Llores (Reuters/Gaby Ora)

The diplomat noted on social media that “Venezuela will take important decisions regarding its relationship with the European Union, and will not allow the bloc that has lost its credibility to continue trying to resort to its failed neo-colonial actions against a sovereign state.”

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Gil noted that the European Union supported the “farce” of opponent Juan Guaido, who “did not respect” Venezuelan institutions and “violated all principles of international law by following Washington's foreign policy.”

This comes after the European Union Foreign Affairs Spokesman said, Peter StanoWe call on the country to respect due process and ensure the protection and safety of detainees at all times. Likewise, and in line with what the United States expressed, the European Union expressed “deep concern” about the “irregular process” preventing the Venezuelan opposition from running in the elections.

He added: “The European Union is deeply concerned He regrets the disorganized and vague process This prevented some parties from registering their presidential candidates. “All political and civil rights must be respected, including the right to participate in fair elections,” the community’s executive committee foreign affairs spokesman told EFE. He added that the bloc “supports the efforts and democratic commitment of Venezuela's democratic forces and civil society.”

(With information from EFE and Europe Press)