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They will send incentive checks to their eligible residents in this US state

They will send incentive checks to their eligible residents in this US state

The state of New Mexico will offer refunds to its residents who pay taxes and incentives to non-taxpayers. State Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham confirmed this after $15 million was made available.

In this sense, refunds are reserved for couples, heads of households and surviving spouses filing joint returns; and can represent up to $1000.00 USD.

Meanwhile, single taxpayers filing their returns separately and married individuals will have $500.00 USD at their disposal.

It is important to note here that refunds will be mailed to New Mexico residents who have completed their 2021 personal tax return (PIT). Additionally, they should not be declared dependent on the income of another taxpayer.

So how can you claim?

Eligible residents have until May 31, 2024 to submit their 2021 PIT return forms if they have not already done so. Those who have already submitted their forms, just have to wait.

Therefore, refund checks will be printed and mailed until the end of June 2024. Therefore, direct deposit recipients will do so on or before June 19.

Additionally, relief payments of $500.00 USD or $1000.00 USD are available to New Mexicans who do not qualify for the above refunds.

Interested parties know that they are eligible, even if they have to pay state taxes. This is despite the fact that the refund can only be used to cover liabilities for the 2021 fiscal year.

There is also the case of those who have changed their bank details since submitting the declaration form. If so, you will receive a check in the mail as this type of refund is based on the information provided on the 2021 PIT form.

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