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He described his near-deportation from the United States and the unusual claim he received at immigration: "My boss killed me."

He described his near-deportation from the United States and the unusual claim he received at immigration: “My boss killed me.”

Sharon is a young woman from Colombia America’s immigration control had an unexpected experience She had planned to enter the country with her boyfriend for a three-month vacation. I was nervous, the officer noticed, So he demanded to prove that everything he said was true. He was about to be deported for an act of insolenceBut his story was a testimony to other travelers.

Sharon (@sharonarciniegasp on TikTok) who now lives in Miami, Florida, worked as a story spoiler that he posted at the beginning of his video. Yes he won Avoid deportation. However, the moment she walked through the airport, she really thought the immigration officer would turn her back to Colombia.

he said, All this happened a few years ago She plans to spend a three-month vacation in a North American country with her boyfriend. At the time, they were both musicians, so they saved their acting money and moved to America. They arrive at the border with their luggage and tools so they can meet friends they are going to stay with during their stay.

This is how a Colombian woman was about to be deported from the United States.

What they didn’t expect was to encounter a major obstacle very soon: the immigration officer. Although this filter is mandatory for all foreigners seeking to enter the United States, They were very alarmed by the attitude of the uniformed men. “We saw that all the police were bad with people and there was a lot of tension,” Sharon explained.

When it was his turn to criticize, They were already very scared, which made the immigration officer look suspicious. “He asked us where we were going and who we were going to stay with, and when he saw us carrying instruments, he asked us: ‘Oh, do you sing?’, we said yes, ‘We have a YouTube channel. , we are musicians…'”, said the Colombian.

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When police asked Sharon and her boyfriend if they knew how to use the musical instruments they were carrying, they said yes. He made an unexpected request. “Then Sing”The young woman recalled. In this sense, the authority wants the youth to explain any melody in front of everyone in the immigration control area.

Entering the United States was not easy for two young Colombians; They were almost deported

At first they were confused, but they agreed and began to unwrap their musical instruments.. However, apparently, it was a test to show whether what they argued was true, because as soon as they started to start a topic, the officer attacked them: “No, no, no, my boss killed me.”

then, The couple was further confused. If they were already nervous about the rough treatment from the policemen, the moment made them even more tense. That’s when they risk returning to Columbia: “She looks kind of nervous,” the uniformed man remarks of Sharon, then leads them into the dreaded “dark room.”

They entered the second filter, where many migrants are often interrogated at length and then deported. His case was different, after that bad drink, They were able to enter the US to enjoy their vacation.