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Cubans in Mexico fear smuggling while waiting for CBP One meeting

Cubans in Mexico fear smuggling while waiting for CBP One meeting

This isn’t the first time this has happened with Cuban immigrants in Mexico, there was a recent case where a family was kidnapped at the border while waiting for a CBP appointment. Thousands of Cubans are now stranded in Tapachula. It is feared that these crimes will increase with people trying to take buses to the northern part of the country.

Milatis Calzado, a Cuban immigrant, Condemned Diario del Juarez, traveling to Mexico City and then to the northern border, faces a more dire situation when it’s their turn to enter their own city in the United States.

Since traveling by bus is very dangerous for migrants who want to reach the United States, it means exposing them to being kidnapped by some Mexican cartels or to many problems on the way to the border,” declared Cuba.

Cubans fear kidnappings in Mexico

Traveling by air is not the same as traveling by bus by road, he said, because of all the risks involved and the time it takes to arrive. The Cuban woman complained about the actions of many Aztec officials who “danger immigrants who seek to fulfill the American dream because they do not respect them.”

Migrant smuggling, extortion by criminals and uniformed agents of various security agencies in Mexico looking at foreigners with signs of money, in many cases when they travel without financial means or with limited resources, are a reality, the woman added.

A Cuban delegation in Tapachula this week said the National Immigration Agency (INM) prevented them from boarding a flight from the southern border to the northern border, where they have a meeting with US officials.

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They say they don’t understand why INM is denying them access to the plane and CBP is only telling them that the ONE program has been canceled, which is false because they continue to get appointments through the application.