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They will not sell fuel to individuals in Villa Clara

They will not sell fuel to individuals in Villa Clara

The fuel crisis continues to worsen in Cuba. The shortage has caused long lines across the country, while passenger transportation suffers greatly.

Given this scenario, the government in Villa Clara decided not to sell more fuel to owners of private vehicles. a NB Released Saturday evening until it is reflected.

“We inform the population that with the fuel levels entering the territory today, only essential services for the population such as medical emergencies, obituary services, ambulances, dialysis, Etecsa and the electric company can be guaranteed depending on the faults,” the publication says.

The government in the province decided to guarantee only a minimum amount of fuel to some private transport companies that provide public transport services.

Given the critical situation, the authorities say they are aware of the requests of owners of motorbikes and private cars without an operating license. However, the memo continues, “With complete transparency we inform you that today we do not have the fuel availability to prove the sale.”

Cuba’s fuel crisis

The Villa Clara government indicates that when fuel supplies arrive, the sale of petrol to various sectors, including individuals, will increase.

“This destination will be assigned a number, always with the number of liters indicated,” the note concluded.

The central province thus becomes the first to cancel sales to the private sector, an action that could soon be replicated in other regions.

The Minister of Energy and Mines, Vicente de la O Levy, recently stated on television that fuel shortages will continue until at least May.

In an interview with O Levy, he said that the current situation was due to the fact that suppliers could not fulfill their obligations. The impetus, according to him, will be the economic situation in the world.

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